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Enhancing Performance Nutrition for Young Athletes

Fall athletics are back in full swing with kids going back to school.  Football, soccer and cross country are among the many sports that will be demanding - both mentally and physically.  In order to perform their best, kids need to be the healthiest they can be, and also have enough fuel to stay awake and perform well in school!

The best way to stay well-fueled for sports performance is to see your food as the most premium fuel for your “sports car” athlete body and boost your performance nutrition.  Getting enough sleep and staying well hydrated without caffeine is also important. 

Here are a few ways to fill your kids’ tanks:

1. Use food for fuel: Feed your kids healthy complex carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) and some healthy fats (nuts, avocados) throughout the day.  Protein is great after activity to help bodies rebuild.

2. Use food for recovery: It’s important to replace carbohydrates used soon after a hard exercise training session or competition.  This means that within 30 minutes, your kids should be eating more healthy carbohydrates with protein to help replenish the body.  This can be done with some dried fruits, bananas, natural applesauce, or Juice Plus+ Complete products.

3. Use food for protection:  Taking advantage of the thousands of amazing nutrients and antioxidants whole foods provide helps decrease muscle protein breakdown and strengthens the immune system so kids can keep training and competing well.  The Juice Plus capsules or chewables provide the nutrition and antioxidants of 30 fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains to help protect children during sports and for their lifetime.

View your food differently—it’s a lot more important than pleasing tastes or simply providing calories.  Some foods may be high in calories, but have a lot of processed sugar and bad fats.  Remember, calories need to be effective to help your kids stay healthy for their best sports performance!

How do you help ensure your young athletes get the best nutrition to perform at their peak?

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