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Nutrition On-The-Go: Introducing Juice Plus+ Complete Single Servings

Calling all Juice Plus+ Complete fans- have we got some great news for you!  Our delicious and nutritious Complete shake mix now comes in single serving pouches.  That’s right!  You can now take the protein, fiber and nutrients of our shakes with you on-the-go. Available in both Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors!

Not already a Complete shake lover?  Now’s the perfect time to become one.  The nutrition punch our shake mix packs is what sets it apart.  Just one scoop of Complete shake mix provides 13 grams of water-washed soy and other natural protein and 8 grams of fiber.  Additionally, each serving will give you a boost of calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamins B6 and B12 (just to name a few).

Beyond the obvious health benefits, our shake mix offers many additional perks- such as convenience.  Protein shakes are a great snack or meal replacement, and having the ability to bring your beverage mix along with you will open up a world of Complete possibilities!  Mix up a shake when you need a mid-morning snack or if you want a light lunch.  Sprinkle some shake mix into yogurt or into a smoothie for an extra boost of nutrition.  The options are endless, and the portability of the single serving pouches makes that possible.

Take our Complete single serving pouches with you to work, to the gym, to the pool- wherever. With Juice Plus+ Complete single servings you’re always armed with a healthy addition to your day.  Happy mixing!

Where are you going to take your single serve pouches?  Tell us in the comments!  

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