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Healthy Eating Made Easy: 10 Hacks For Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

Do you sometimes feel like you’re too busy for nutrition?  Do you want to be healthy, but can’t always dedicate the time or money to it?  Don’t worry- we’re here to help!  There are tons of hacks (tips and tricks) for saving time and money in the kitchen, and we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 for incorporating more fruits and vegetables.  Give these a try, and before you know it, you’ll be a healthier you- with time and money to spare!  

1. Prepare Smoothie Kits

Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, but it can be time consuming to chop and prepare all the ingredients.  Next time you have a chunk of time on your hands, prepare a week’s worth of ingredients at once.  From there, divide out individual “smoothie kits” into plastic bags and put them in the refrigerator or freezer to use later.  Next time you want a delicious homemade smoothie, just grab a kit and blend away!

2. Freeze Your Greens

There’s nothing more frustrating than throwing away greens that went bad before you could use them.  When you’re sensing that the greens in your fridge might be getting past their prime, puree and freeze them in an ice cube tray.  Voila!  You now have a perfect single-serving amount of greens to add to your next recipe. 

3. Create an “Eat Me” Produce Bucket

Out of sight, out of mind.  How often do you throw away produce because you forgot you bought it?  To keep that from happening put an “Eat Me” bucket in your fridge.  Label a container “Eat Me” and fill it with all the wonderful fresh produce you bring home from the store.  That way, when you open the fridge, you will have a gentle reminder to eat it before it goes bad.

4. Chop and Freeze Onions Ahead of Time

So many recipes call for onions- and rightfully so!  They’re full of antioxidants and add delicious flavor.  Unfortunately, chopping onions is not the easiest or most time efficient task when it comes to cooking.  Save your future self some time by chopping a few onions at once and freezing them to use as you need them. 

5. Eat Kiwis with a Spoon

Kiwis, while delicious and nutritious, can be tricky to eat.  They’re a bit slippery which makes them difficult to slice.  Instead of struggling to get the fruit out with a knife, use a spoon!  Simply cut your kiwi in half and scoop out the center. 

6. Soak Apples to Keep them Bright

Keep sliced apples from turning brown with this handy trick.  Stir 2 tablespoons of honey into a cup of water and let them soak for about a minute.  Your apples will stay bright and fresh all day!  This an especially great trick for apples that need to be sliced now but served later, or for school lunches.

7. Slice with Dental Floss

Cut back on dirty dishes with this hack!  For soft fruits and vegetables such as banana, avocado and watermelon, you can use dental floss to chop them.  Not only will this save you time (no knives to wash!), but it’s also simple.  It couldn’t be easier- just cut your produce and throw the floss away.

8. Pair Potatoes with Apples to Prevent Sprouting 

An easy way to keep potatoes from sprouting only takes two common items: a paper bag and an apple.  The ethlylene gas produced by the apple will keep potatoes fresh and prevent those pesky sprouts.  Plus, the ethlylene gas causes other produce to ripen too quickly, so storing them with the potatoes (and away from other produce) will help prolong the life of your other fruits and vegetables.   

9. Shuck Corn in the Microwave

Summer is here, and fresh corn on the cob is a summer must- have.  However, shucking corn can be a time-consuming process.  Save yourself some time and use this trick to shuck your corn in minutes.  First, chop off the tip of the husk.  Then microwave the whole cob for 1 minute.  Once it’s done, simply squeeze the corn out of the husk.  There you go!  Sweet and delicious corn all ready to be enjoyed. 

10. Juice Plus+

Want to add 30 fruits, vegetables and berries to your daily diet in one simple step?  Juice Plus+ has got you covered.  By taking just a few capsules a day, you can boost your nutrition to a whole new level.  Made from whole fruits and vegetables, these powerful capsules can elevate your health- and it couldn’t be easier.

What hacks do you use to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet while saving time and money?  Tell us in the comments!


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