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New Dietary Guideline Updates Help Guide Balanced Nutrition

In case you haven’t heard, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has proposed updated U.S. Dietary Guidelines for 2015!  The guidelines are being re-evaluated and revamped, and they’re designed to help you attain balanced nutrition.  In fact, if adopted, these Dietary Guidelines can help increase heart health, and decrease diabetes and obesity.  So what has changed from the previous recommendations?  While the more obvious guidelines (such as staying away from saturated fat and sodium) remain the same, there are some new ideas on healthy eating that will be incorporated in the 2015 guidelines.  Here are five important Dietary Guideline changes you should be aware of. 

1.      Bring on the fruits and vegetables

It’s probably no surprise for all you Juice Plus+ fans out there, but fruits and vegetables remain a top-player in the new Dietary Guidelines. Here at Juice Plus+, we have always sung the praises of whole fruits and vegetables, and now the Dietary Guidelines are backing us up!  While fruits and vegetables have always been recommended for a healthy diet, this set of changes raises them to a whole new level.  Most foods (even healthy ones such as whole grains and fish) are only found to be healthy in moderation, or are only good for preventing one or two health concerns.  Fruits and vegetables have been found to help prevent many health issues, and it’s virtually impossible to eat too many. So go ahead, take your Juice Plus+ and eat your fruits and vegetables to your heart (and tummy’s) content! 

2.      Say no to sugar and salt

It’s no secret that sugar and salt aren’t the best for our health, but it never hurts to be reminded.  The advisory committee found that Americans are still consuming too much sugar and salt, and both of these additives took a hit within the new Dietary Guidelines.  For example, doctors and nutritionists sometimes recommend using artificial sweeteners in beverages instead of real sugar, but these new guidelines will go one step further and recommend simply drinking water.  Similarly, the new guidelines will recommend herbs and spices for seasoning over salt, and will encourage food manufacturers to reduce the sodium content in their products. 

3.      Whole grains are a go

You may have already known that whole grains are preferred to refined grains, but do you know why?  According to the guidelines committee, Americans are not getting enough Vitamin D and fiber. Whole grains are a great source for both!  Good thing there are so many yummy grains to choose from, because the new Dietary Guidelines are recommending Americans increase their intake.  Whole grain toast and oatmeal for breakfast, quinoa salad for dinner… the choice is yours.

4.      Cut back on red and processed meat

This is one of the bigger guideline changes!  In the past, red meat (in moderation of course) has always been seen as fairly healthy.  It was never at the same health level as lean proteins such as chicken, but it had its benefits (mostly due to the omega-3 fatty acids).  The new Dietary Guidelines will advise Americans to cut back on their red and processed meat intake.  The guidelines recommend only eating grass-fed steak a few times a month at most, and to try to avoid processed meat altogether. 

5.      Eggs and shellfish are acceptable in moderation

Since you may be cutting back on red and processed meat (or if you’re a vegetarian), you’re going to need alternate sources of protein. Enter eggs and shellfish!  Even though eggs and shellfish may be high in cholesterol, they are low in saturated fat, which is a culprit of high blood cholesterol.  That’s why the new guidelines are recommending including more in your diet.  Eggs and shellfish give you all the benefits of protein, without the added saturated fat.

So there you have it!  The most important takeaways from the proposed Dietary Guideline changes.  The guidelines are always evolving, but there is one constant healthy food group that survives every round of updates: fruits and vegetables!  As stated above, Juice Plus+ has always believed in the numerous health benefits of produce.  If you only implement one of the new Dietary Guidelines, make sure it’s eating your fruits and vegetables.

What do you think about the new Dietary Guidelines?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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