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5 Marathon Training Tips

Have you always wanted to run a marathon, but didn’t really know where to start?  Marathon training can seem overwhelming at first, but with some planning and dedication, anyone can reach the 26.2 mile mark! The St. Jude Memphis Marathon is coming up this December (registration opens May 1!), and that’s just enough time to get in tip-top marathon shape!  Running 26.2 miles is a lofty goal to say the least, but these five tips will help you reach it!  What are you waiting for?  Get training!

1.      Mimic the course

Many marathons share the course with participants long before the race itself.  Analyze how hilly or flat the terrain is, and try to mimic that during your training.  Running on hills vs flat surfaces use different muscles, so it’s important to get them used to the terrain of the race.  If there are lots of hills, train on hills!  If you live somewhere flat, stadium steps and treadmills can make great mock-hills.  If the race is mostly flat, pick a flat training area like a track to get your muscles used to running on a flat surface.  Training with the terrain in mind will make you stronger and faster on race day!

2.      Keep your stress in check

This is not the time for new jobs, moving, or any other stress-inducing events.  Getting your body ready to run 26.2 miles is going to take all the energy you have- don’t waste any of it on stress!  Try to keep it in check by keeping a stable lifestyle and making sure to build in relaxation time whenever possible.   Marathon training is also a great excuse to stay off your feet- when you’re not running that is.  Try to avoid activities that require you to stay on your feet all day, like going to museums, amusement parks, or festivals.  Protect your feet and joints by giving them plenty of rest and recovery.  Letting go of the stress and tension will make your training go smoother!

3.      Invest in proper footwear

There is nothing more important for a successful marathon than a good pair of running shoes.  It is super important that your shoes fit you and your running style perfectly, so invest in a pair you know is right for you.  Many running stores specialize in fitting running shoes and even offer walking/running tests to make sure you get the perfect fit.  Once you’ve found your dream shoes, start wearing them!  That way, not only will you break them in, but your feet will have a chance to get comfy in their new home!

4.      Do more than just run

Although it’s true that running frequently is in fact the best way to become a better and stronger runner, it is not the only way to get in marathon shape!  Cross-training with swimming, Pilates and cycling are all great ways you can whip your body into shape and increase your endurance!  Plus, taking a few days off from running a few times a week will give your muscles and joints a much needed break!

5.      Gradually increase your mileage

It can be tempting to start your training by running as far as you can while you’re looking ahead to the 26.2 mile race, but it’s important to start small and work your way up!  Slowly increasing distance as you train will allow your body to gradually become stronger and stronger.  Start out running a few miles every other day (depending on your personal fitness level), and add on a mile or two each week.  This will allow your muscles and cardiovascular system to keep up with the distance, so that you will be ready for race day!

Of course, good nutrition is always key to set your body up for success while training for a marathon or just staying healthy every day. Juice Plus+ helps provide needed fruit and vegetable nutrition for runners and everyone else. Learn more about the proven health benefits of Juice Plus+ here.

Have you tried any of these tips or have more to share?  Let us know in the comments section!


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