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Juice Plus+: Farm-to-Capsule

Do you know what’s in your supplements?  According to the New York Attorney General, some vitamin supplements do not actually contain the vitamins they say they do.  “DNA testing on hundreds of bottles found that four out of five contained none of the herbs on the label. Instead, they were packed with cheap fillers such as wheat, rice, beans or houseplants” (Fox News, 2015).  Scary, huh?  Well luckily for all Juice Plus+ takers, Juice Plus+ is 100% whole food based nutrition!  That’s right!  Juice Plus+ only contains the fruits and vegetables listed on the nutrition facts label!

Just over a week ago, we hosted a Google+ Hangout to talk all things Juice Plus+. One of our distinguished panelists at the Hangout was Dr. Paul Stricker, the Summer Olympic Games’ first pediatrician. Not only does he provide great medical insight, but also great information about Juice Plus+ and our farm to capsule process.  “When they grow Juice Plus+, they grow the [fruits and vegetables] to their maximum ripeness, and they process them at the fields on site” (Dr. Stricker, 2015).  Processing all the nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables right from the farm ensures that the capsules you take every day are filled with everything they should be- and nothing else.

How is Juice Plus+ taking the fruits and vegetables from farm-to-capsule?  First, the produce is allowed to ripen to its peak nutritional point.  Often times, produce is picked a few weeks too early due to the complicated distribution chains.  Fruits and vegetables need to ripen completely in order to develop all of their nutrients.  The majority of Juice Plus+ farmers have processing facilities on site, so they can allow their produce to grow as healthy as possible!

Once the produce is harvested, it is washed, juiced (with peels, seeds and all), and dried into a powder.  Juice Plus+ uses a proprietary drying process, which basically means that everything is kept very cold as long as possible to maintain freshness.  Once heat is applied for drying, however, it is kept at a temperature that will not damage the nutrients. This process ensures that the powders contain the healthiest stuff possible!

Then the capsules are sent to their final manufacturing destination. They are mixed together, encapsulated and packaged. Finally, the fruits and vegetables arrive at your door!

The farm-to-capsule process is Juice Plus+’s way of giving you the best, and healthiest, product possible.  As Dr. Stricker said at the Hangout, “[Juice Plus+] really makes it a paramount thing to make sure that this is really, truly something that is safe for you and your children”. So don’t let the supplement drama in New York make you worry- you can rest easy taking Juice Plus+!

If you would like more information on how Juice Plus+ is made, check out our YouTube page!

How do you feel about the Juice Plus+ farm-to-capsule process?  Let us know down below!

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