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Healthy Alternatives for Your Valentine’s Day Plans

Valentine’s Day is upon us once more! The day of love is often characterized by chocolate, candy and candle-lit dinners consisting of rich food.  In other words, Valentine’s Day is not necessarily the best holiday for those of us trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  So why not shake it up?  This year, instead of giving your special someone chocolates and treating them to a fancy, but unhealthy meal, try one of our healthy alternatives for your date instead!

Take a cooking class

Cooking classes are a great date night idea!  Not only do you get to go on a fun outing with your significant other, but you get to learn a new skill too. There are tons of places that offer healthy, organic, vegetarian, and vegan classes with health-conscious eating in mind. Once the class is over, the two of you will have a new healthy recipe you can make together anytime you want to remember your fun and romantic date!

Make a game out of cooking at home

Consider yourself a seasoned pro in the kitchen? Stay in and cook dinner for your date! Research shows that people who cook at home receive more nutrients and less calories. If you need some inspiration on what to make, try this: Get three bowls and mark them “protein”, “vegetable” and “herb”.  Then on some scrap paper, write down options for each category. Toss them around in their bowls and draw out one from each.  For example: chicken, green beans and cilantro.  Now you and your special someone can work together to turn your three chosen ingredients into a meal!   You can brainstorm a healthy recipe, shop, and prepare the meal together.  You’ll have a fun date activity for the evening and a delicious meal to enjoy together!

Prepare a picnic

While we’re on the subject of food-related dates, we can’t forget the classic picnic date!  What’s a better surprise for your significant other on Valentine’s Day than an impromptu picnic? This blog has some great low calorie picnic food ideas!  Now that you’ve got the food covered, all you need is a basket, a blanket, and the perfect spot to set up.  Find a sunny patch of grass in a nearby park.  Or if it’s still too cold where you live to eat outside, lay out a blanket on the living room floor and have an indoor picnic!  It’s hard to find a date more romantic than a classic picnic, and since you’re making all the food decisions, it’ll be hard to find a healthier one either!

Go for a hike

Another enjoyable daytime Valentine’s date? Hiking! You and your Valentine can chat as you briskly walk along the path, and the fresh air will help to clear your minds and give you some distance from everyday stresses.  Also, there’s nothing quite like reaching your final destination together.  Whether it’s a scenic view at the top of a mountain, a waterfall, or even an open meadow, it is always that much more beautiful when you worked a little bit to get there. Seeing the beauty with someone you love is just an added bonus! 

Try a new sport

Feeling adventurous this Valentine’s Day?  Go out and try a new activity with your significant other!  Racquet ball, Frisbee golf, tai chi- the list is endless!  You’ll boost your activity level for the day, while trying something new and exciting.  And who knows? You might even discover a mutual love for a new activity you can do together from then on!

Have any more ideas for healthy alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day dates? Share them with us in the comments section!

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