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Stay Active During Football Weekends: 4 Exercises You Can Do From Your Couch

Between cheering on your alma mater and keeping up with every player on your fantasy team, watching football is a demanding passion.

A weekend spent in the virtual gridiron can equate to countless hours parked on the couch. Even the most devoted football fan can feel a bit guilty about the resulting lack of physical activity.

As avid football fans ourselves, we hear you. The good news is that there are many ways to sneak in exercise between plays. Halftime is also a great time to make your living room your personal workout space. We’ve compiled a list of exercises you can do from your couch during those long hours in front of the TV. Who said you had to sacrifice watching a game winning drive to get fit?

Crunch Time

Did your team call a crucial time out? Use this time to do a set of 25 crunches. Relieve the stress and feel the burn! By the end of the game, your abs will be on fire.

Challenge Your Quads

Every time the coach challenges a play, get in wall squat position for 60-seconds. Feel the burn in your lower body!

Step Outside

When the game hits halftime, take a walk or run outdoors. Do this again at final buzzer to get a nice break before the next game.

Plank Passed a Sack

For each quarterback sack in the game, drop to the floor and hit a plank for 60-seconds. Abs for days!

And when it comes down to the final showdown, If you’re looking for the ultimate all-encompassing challenge, this workout game will get you as in-shape as the players tossing the pigskin on your TV.

The “Big Game” Workout Game

Touchdown? Do 25 jumping jacks. Beer commercial? That’s 10 push-ups. Follow the rules of this workout game and you’ll be in shape to hit the field yourself in no time!  

What exercises will you be squeezing in during your football weekend marathon?  Tell us in the comments!



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