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Fall Into Fitness: 5 Yoga Poses to Improve Posture

As you read this, take a moment to assess your current posture. Are your shoulders hunched forward? Is your spine arched over? Is your neck craned forward?

With the expanding role that tech plays in our lives, it’s easy to become accustomed a slouched posture, as we keep an eye on our phones, laptops and televisions. Unfortunately, poor posture might just be the reason behind the neck and back pains you’ve been suffering – or those that may emerge later down the line. Additionally, poor posture also leads to a less-than-confident personal image.

As we encourage you to fall into fitness this October, we’ve rounded up our favorite yoga poses you can try at home, work or just about anywhere, to improve your posture and promote health and wellness. With practice and persistency, your posture will improve and help you feel healthy and confident, not to mention the boost to your activity levels from all of your yoga practice.

1. Child’s Pose

A relaxing pose to rest and unwind. Sit on your heels and dip forward, stretching your arms backwards until you’re all curled up into a ball. Just like when you were a kid…

2. Cobra Pose


The Cobra pose is great for opening up the chest, as well as strengthening the spine. Start by laying down flat on your belly. Place your hands flat on the mat and gently push your chest upward.

3. Hero Pose


As one of the most traditional poses used for meditation, the hero pose makes for a great pose to unwind while working on your posture. Start by kneeling on the floor and sit up straight on your heels. You’ll feel a good stretch to your lower body, making it difficult to slouch.

4. Locust Pose


Increase the flexibility of the entire back of your body with the Locust yoga pose. Start by lying flat on your stomach. Now lift your arms and thighs to balance yourself on your torso. Just like Superman!

5. Downward Dog Pose


The Downward Dog pose is great for stretching your entire body while building strength in your arms, shoulders, and legs. Your posture benefits from the pose because it stretches and lengthens the spine and opens your shoulders.

What’s your favorite yoga pose for improving posture?  Share your top poses in the comments!


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