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6 Healthy Snacks to Enjoy While Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

Finally!  It’s time for all of our favorite Primetime TV shows to return from their winter hiatuses!  The return of these shows means more than just diving back into the worlds of drama and comedy.  It also means the return to the couch, and the inevitable snacking that comes with it.  Don’t let your excitement for quality TV make you forget your healthy resolutions and goals.  It’s possible, and surprisingly easy, to make healthy snacks to enjoy while watching your favorite shows, or anytime!  Keep reading for some delicious ideas!

Kale Chips

There’s no denying that potato chips are one of the most popular TV-watching snacks.  But with all the fat and calories, are they really the best option?  If you’re looking for a chip fix, making kale chips is the way to go.  Not only are they much healthier than regular potato chips, but kale is known as a super food due to its many nutritional benefits! Next time you’re sitting down to watch your favorite TV show, put down the potato chip bag and give these a try instead!

Lightly Seasoned Popcorn

If there’s a TV snack to rival potato chips, its popcorn!  Plain home-popped popcorn is a healthy option if you’re looking for a satisfying snack to accompany your TV time.  The problem is, plain popcorn can be a little boring.  Often times, the fix for boring popcorn is to add butter, caramel or some other fatty and unhealthy toppings, but there’s another way.  There are tons of healthier options that make great popcorn toppings!  Lightly seasoning popcorn with different blends of herbs and spices can liven up any bowl of plain popcorn in a flash!  This recipe calls for coconut oil and sea salt.   It’s a great one for all popcorn-lovers to try. Plus, the many benefits of coconut oil, such as lowered cholesterol and healthier hair and nails, are just a sweet bonus!

Custom Trail Mix

Trail mix is a classic snack, and with good reason.  It’s simple to make, portable and full of protein.  The downside to most trail mixes, however, is all of the fat, salt and sugar that adds up from the nuts and chocolate.  Don’t let that turn you off to trail mix, though!  You can make your own custom mix at home and control exactly what goes in it.  Instead of peanuts, use unsalted almonds.  Swap the milk chocolate for a few pieces of dark chocolate, or ever better, dried cranberries.  Let the creative juices flow and come up with your perfect combination.  Click here for a trail mix recipe that is both delicious and healthy!


Edamame, or soy beans, are often overlooked in the snack world, but they shouldn’t be.  These protein-packed beans are an awesome snack in any form.  They’re delicious steamed with a little salt, plus it’s so fun to pop these little guys out of their shells and eat straight from the pod.  They’re also great baked to crispy perfection with some seasoning.  Check out this yummy recipe for spicy roasted edamame.  You’ll never overlook edamame again!

Veggies and Hummus

Chips and creamy dip is always a go-to TV snack, but why not change it up for a healthier version?  Hummus and fresh veggies are a delicious way to cut back on the carbs and fat of chips and dip.  Pair celery, carrots, cucumbers, peppers or any other veggie with tasty hummus dips like roasted red pepper hummus or avocado hummus and you won’t even miss the chips! 

Juice Plus+ Complete

Don’t forget Juice Plus+ Complete shakes and nutrition bars for healthy snack options! Filled with nutrients, protein, and fibers from whole foods, Juice Plus+ Complete shake mixes and nutrition bars are the perfect snacks when you’re munchies strike. Replace empty calories from chips and popcorn with healthy ones the Juice Plus+ way!

Which healthy snacks are you looking forward to enjoying when your favorite TV show returns?  Let us know down below!

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