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Trend Alert: The Farm-To-Table Restaurant Movement Is On The Rise!

What if you could walk into a restaurant and witness the produce you would soon be enjoying growing right outside? The farm-to-table approach to dining once seemed like a farfetched idea, but is now being utilized in restaurants across the nation. Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ has been at the forefront of this innovative concept, providing restaurants with a compact, easy to use growing system that allows you to grow produce in even the most limiting environments. Restaurants are now able to boast that their produce is not only fresh, but was harvested just steps from their customer’s tables. This growing trend in urban gardening is revolutionizing the way we think of “fresh produce.”

Restaurant owners aren’t the only people that understand the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables and how they can significantly improve a dish’s health benefits and taste. Families are beginning to take advantage of the growing farm to table trend, as well. According to a recent New York Times article, New York residents are taking their small urban spaces and maximizing their growing potential. Ruth Harrigan, a mother of four and resident of Queens, explains that “even a small little patch, is more than enough for a family of six,” when referring to the limited green space her family uses to harvest large quantities of homegrown produce.

It is proof that families are becoming increasingly willing to get creative with their growing techniques, in fact, over “5,000 New Yorkers attended educational workshops led by the New York City Compost Project last year” alone. Families like this confirm the overall positive sentiment for the growing move towards locally grown food, despite limiting outdoor environments.

Last week, Tower Garden was able to highlight a real-life success story at one of its installations at the Gallow Green Rooftop Bar perched above the McKittrick Hotel in Manhattan. The Tower Garden team transformed a traditional New York rooftop into an exclusive, behind-the-scenes secret garden, allowing native New Yorkers to experience urban gardening first hand. Guests mingled as Gallow Green Chef R.L. King prepared several delicious dishes directly from fresh produce harvested in-person by the restaurant’s farmers. Additionally, a mixologist created concoctions from handpicked herbs and tomatoes off the Towers. It was a creative way to showcase the harvesting power behind Tower Gardens as well as further emphasize how to maximize growing space in an urban setting.

Attendees were amazed by the Tower Garden’s growing power, noting that they were unaware of how many different types of fruits and vegetables it could grow. The feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive and allowed Tower Garden to showcase the benefits of urban gardening to an eager audience, hopefully inspiring some future growers – or at least, future farm-to-table fans.

Are you on-board with the farm-to-table trend? Do you incorporate unique growing techniques at home? If so, share your gardening techniques in the comment section below!

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