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Send Your Kids Off to College in Style: Simplify Student Nutrition with Juice Plus+

The amount of fruits and vegetables an average healthy, active, college student requires per week: 40 cups. The amount a mini fridge can hold: about 10…cans of soda. You don’t have to be a math major to figure out that most college kids aren’t getting the whole food nutrition required to fuel schedules packed with football games, a cappella practices, and lecture after endless lecture. Back when I was an undergrad, I considered chicken fingers legitimate student nutrition! But the holes in your freshman’s fickle diet could be even worse than you might think. Studies show that 95% of college students don’t eat the amount of fruits and vegetables they need!  

If your kids are like most college kids, come finals week they might very well have forgotten completely what spinach tastes like—let’s face it, ramen will always cream broccoli in any coed culinary competition. And who could blame them? Eating fresh fare can be expensive on a college budget, and for college students living in dorms, cooking isn’t usually an option. Not to mention the time that preparing fruits and veggies can take away from pep rallies and study sessions. But that doesn’t mean ordering a pineapple pizza is the only alternative (sorry, kids!) when it comes to yummy, wholesome nutrition that also satisfies your future rocket scientist’s nutritional needs.

So how can students avoid potential healthy eating pitfalls? Juice Plus+ Preventive Health Advisor Dr. David Katz suggests that students eat a healthy breakfast, stock up on healthy snacks, decide what to eat before hitting the dining hall, and schedule classes around meal times. But Dr. Katz also stresses to college-age patients the important role that whole-food nutritional supplement Juice Plus+ should play in any student nutrition plan, for all the things that students can’t plan. 

Luckily, while you can’t fit in your college-bound kid’s suitcase (sorry, mom!), the Juice Plus+ products you’ve always trusted to complete your family’s balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will fit right in on any university packing list. Send them off in style, by incorporating these options into your kids’ back-to-college arsenal:


  • Healthy Shakes: A timeless staple of dining halls, milkshakes are always popular with the college crowd. Students can turn to our healthier—dare we say, yummier?—versions using Juice Plus+ Complete Shake Mix, a protein rich drink mix available in Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla. Much more than a typical protein shake, Complete Shake Mix provides the benefit of whole food nutrition through nutrient-packed pumpkin and pomegranate powders. Gluten-free and 100% vegan, Juice Plus+ Complete Shake Mix passes the test for whatever healthy food trends will strike your child’s university next.
  • Grab and Go Nutrition Bars: Perfect for college kids with hectic schedules, Juice Plus+ Complete Nutrition Bars are packed with protein and fiber for a snack with maximum nutrition, available in delicious Spiced Apple Raisin and Cranberry flavors. Low-glycemic, gluten free, non-dairy and 100% vegan, these crowd-pleasers are the perfect source of balanced nutrition for any student on-the-go.

Not sending your kids off to college just yet? No problem! Whether college is two years away or twelve years away, Juice Plus+ has got your back for all the back-to-school nutritional peace of mind you require:


  • Mind the Gap: Bridge the gap between what your kids should eat and what they do eat every day. Though not just for kids, Juice Plus+ Chewables deliver added whole food based nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in a tasty, soft chewable form. The appealing taste comes from two all-natural sweeteners - tapioca syrup and organic cane syrup - with absolutely no high fructose corn syrup. It contains no artificial flavors or artificial colors and is 100% vegetarian; the 'chewiness' comes from fruit pectins, not gelatin.

How are you helping your students prepare for back-to-school? Are Juice Plus+ products part of your kids’ nutritional arsenal?


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