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Make Healthy Eating Fun: Turn Fruits and Vegetables into Artwork!

What kid doesn’t love carving Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween? When I was young, my mom would use the leftover “guts” to make everything from whole grain pumpkin bread and pasta sauce to healthy snacks, like toasted pumpkin seeds. Yum! Despite their spooky smiles, pumpkins didn’t scare me nearly as much as other fruits and vegetables.

And I wasn’t alone. Studies show that kids who play with their food are less likely to be picky eaters and more likely to eat healthier diets, rich in nutritious fruits and veggies. Ever wonder why your toddler will only eat broccoli spears if you tell him they’re tiny trees? As it turns out, when kids play with their food, they’re not being rude—they’re actually learning about new food groups and developing new tastes through exploration!

To honor American Artist Appreciation month, we’re venturing beyond the pumpkin patch—into the garden and orchard, to be exact! If you’re anything like most parents, getting your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables can feel like World War Three; every meal is an uphill battle. But we’re willing to bet that with these easy fruit and vegetable art ideas, we’ve found just the secret healthy eating weapons you’ve been looking for—and just in time for back-to-school. So what are you waiting for? Play with your food, already!

1.       Lady bug, lady bug…

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