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Improve Wellness: Stay Healthy, Happy and Thriving

While some may associate success with monetary gains or the accumulation of things, “thriving” is now being redefined in terms of social well-being, nutrition and exercise. According to a new report, 41% of Americans are thriving overall, with “43% struggling and 16% suffering in their social well-being”. Thriving from a wellness perspective is a refreshing way to determine if you are living a fulfilled life - one in which your body is thankful for the energy you input and exert.

Americans are defining “thriving” as the amount of positive energy gained from spending time with family and friends, making time for relaxation and having someone who encourages them to be healthy. The recent Gallup study suggests that those who are struggling with family, friend and personal relationships are less likely to thrive, often leading to a steady decline in healthy choices, including healthy diet choices. Americans who are thriving with respect to their social well-being are “more likely to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables four or more days per week” than those that lack motivation from their family and peers.

Similar findings resulted when Americans were asked about their exercise patterns. Nearly 60 percent of adults who reported exercising for at least half an hour three to seven times a week claim that they’re “thriving.” This compared with 41.5 percent of adults who exercise at least a half hour for zero to two days a week and do not consider themselves “thriving”.

As we approach the midpoint of the summer months, cook outs, vacations and pool days may tempt you to disregard your health and wellness, so it’s important to consider what healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily routine to ensure you’re “thriving.” Juice Plus+ capsules along with our Complete Shakes, and Nutrition Bars make it easy to Live Life to the Plus+ by helping you to achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, especially during the busy summer months. 

Whether your company sponsors a kickball team after work or you swap your family’s afternoon ice cream break with an outdoor game, there are also plenty of ways to improve your social well-being by staying active. Similarly, if you feel that too much time in the office is hindering your spirit, put down the spreadsheets and reports and make time to spend with the people who make you happy – friends, family, or a significant other. There are many ways you can improve your wellness to stay healthy, happy and thriving this summer!

How do you define “thriving?” Share your definition in the comment section below!



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