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5 Healthy Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and with June being Men’s Health Month, now’s the time to treat dad to a healthy gift. If you haven’t taken care of your shopping yet, don’t worry – The Juice Plus+ Company has handpicked some healthy gift ideas for the dad who enjoys sports, exercise or simply living a healthy lifestyle.

5 Healthy Gift Ideas

1.       Cooking Tools

Men love their tools – even the kind designed to cut veggies. Consider giving your dad an apple slicer, salad spinner, chef’s knife or cutting board this Father’s Day. If your dads not the cooking type, chances are he’ll break out the grill sometime this summer, so offer him healthier grilling options, such as a recipe book with grilled fruit and veggie recipes. For the expert griller, create a unique basket, bringing together the finest gourmet rubs, authentic sauces and a complete set of wooden handled grilling utensils. It’ll be sure to make dad’s summer a whole lot hotter and healthier!

2.       A Game of Golf

Whether your dad’s a rookie golfer or a golf champion, treat him to a round of golf this Father’s Day. The exercise and quality time together will make this Father’s Day one he always remembers. If golf isn’t your thing, consider surprising dad with some new golf accessories he can enjoy all summer long, or if you want to step things up a bit this year, purchase golf lessons. When it comes to the game of golf, there's always room for improvement and Dad will appreciate the opportunity to get a few pointers from a pro.

3.       Go Fish!

Does dad enjoy the great outdoors? Instead of buying fish for dinner, take dad on a special child/father fishing trip for some extra fun. Many lakeside and coastal areas offer private charters that’ll take you out fishing for a half or a full-day.  If you can’t afford a private charter, pack a lunch and cooler and spend the day fishing at a nearby dock. And make sure to take your fish home for a healthy and tasty dinner!

4.       Fitness Trackers

Worried about the ol’ ticker? Keep your tech-loving dad on the move with a heart rate monitor. A heart-rate monitor helps assess exercise intensity and will make sure your dad’s not over or under doing it. Some models will even track distance, calories burned, and alert you when you’re nearing dehydration. If your dad’s not into intense workouts, simply tracking his activity can be a good way to motivate him to be more active. Many fitness wristbands contain motion sensors that track movement through the day, helping make dad be more mindful of his activity level.

5.       A Healthy Meal

You don’t have to be a professional chef to give dad the gift of a healthy meal this Father’s Day. Let your dad know what he means to you by giving him a healthy breakfast in bed this weekend. Whip up an omelet with fresh greens, tomatoes and mushrooms, or try pancakes made from rolled oats. Either way, his heart and stomach will be full and happy!

What healthy gifts are you giving dad this Father’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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