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What Gifts Does Your Tower Garden Give You?

As the rainy days of April fade away, the month of May not only brings warmer weather, but an abundance of fruits and vegetables from your Tower Garden! May is ‘National Gifts from the Garden’ month and gardening with your family is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Not only can you give your family the gift of fresh produce every day, but you can also encourage the following core benefits of growing up gardening:


A vegetable garden gives your children the added reward of valuable nutrition lessons as well as the importance and joys of eating fresh foods. Children who are familiar with growing their own food tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, and are more inclined to continue healthy eating habits through adulthood.


Gardening offers hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in a wide array of disciplines, including the natural and social sciences, math, language arts (e.g., through garden journaling), visual arts (e.g., through garden design and decoration), and nutrition.



Encouraging children to be a part of the growing process will teach them the importance of responsibility. Assign each member of your family their own tasks in the garden. They will see the benefits of accomplishing their gardening tasks when they reap the rewards of fresh, tasty produce.


When the entire family works in the garden together there is a chance for the family to bond and become closer. Children learn to work together, the importance of taking turns, and communicating.

Celebrate ‘National Gifts from the Garden’ month and inspire healthy living by sharing the gifts of your garden with friends and family all month long! What gifts does your garden give you?

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