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The Importance of Eating Green: Luck Has Nothing to Do With a Healthy Diet!

What better day to stress the importance of eating green than on St. Patrick’s Day? Eating green regularly is a top way to improve your overall health and green vegetables are not only among the world’s healthiest foods, but also some of the most delicious. Juice Plus+ Orchard and Garden Blends include nutrition from five healthy greens, specifically kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage and parsley. These healthy greens are all high in antioxidants and are great sources of vitamins A, B, C, E and K! Eating green this St. Patrick’s Day will not only feel festive, but also ensure a healthier you.

Here are some of the many health benefits of eating green:

  • Immune System Support
    Green vegetables like Kale are rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A), a powerful antioxidant known to boost the immune system and possibly protect against cancer.
  • Vision Health
    Research by American Macular Degeneration Foundation indicates that leafy green vegetables such as spinach are high in phytochemicals, which seem to have a protective effect against vision loss.
  • Heart Health
    The antioxidants found in healthy greens have been proven to decrease the risk of heart disease. In addition, high fiber content found in green vegetables can also help lower cholesterol, a key factor in lowering the risk of cardiovascular illness.
  • Bone Health
    The vitamin K substances of green leafy vegetables protect bones from osteoporosis, improve bone density and help to prevent against inflammatory diseases. Some green veggies are also high in calcium, which helps our bones stay strong.

On St. Patrick’s Day, green is the color on everyone’s mind, from green apparel to green food and drink. Why not have festive attire AND festive eats? Make it a point today to work leafy green vegetables on to your plate – you can even get creative with your healthy greens and incorporate them into smoothies, soups, juices, dips or salads! No matter which green grub you choose to eat, we hope the holiday brings you much luck and health, of course!

Luck has little to do with being healthy; it just takes a little discipline and focus on a healthy diet! How will you work healthy greens into your diet this St. Patrick’s Day and beyond?



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