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Enjoy Berries and Cherries Month with Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend

March is National Berries and Cherries Month, a month dedicated to appreciating the sweet succulence of some of nature’s best treats. You may not know this, but Juice Plus+ offers a product dedicated to providing nutrition from berries. The Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend, a blend based on the potent health benefits of grapes and berries, is a continuation of the original Juice Plus+ Orchard and Garden Blends. Offered in both chewable and capsule form, Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend is a powerful concentration of nutrients and antioxidants. In celebration of Berries and Cherries month, we wanted to delve deeper into why berries are so effective at enhancing overall nutrition.

Here are four reasons why you should consider adding more berries to your diet this month.

  • Studies have shown that raspberries—one of the many berries found in Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend—may help in naturally boosting the body’s metabolism.  It has been suggested that raspberries aid in preventing increases in overall fat and visceral fat—a kind of fat that wraps around the organs and increases risks of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and dementia.
  • While being a source of vitamins and nutrients vital in a balanced nutritional diet, berries are also packed with phytonutrients, especially in the form of antioxidants. Phytonutrients found in plants, like fruits and vegetables, enhance nutrition in a wide variety of ways. Think of phytonutrients as an important “extra” in whole food based nutrition. The phytonutrients in berries work with the vitamins and minerals we consume to maximize their benefits and function, enhancing the body from skin to heart and everywhere in between.
  • The primary phytonutrients found in grapes and berries are called polyphenols, which protect the health and function of cells in the body and are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and other age-related illnesses.
  • Berries are a plentiful source of fiber, which helps control weight by cancelling out calories. Research has shown that consuming 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day can cancel out as many as 300 calories consumed.

Berries play an important part in a balanced nutritional diet and make great healthy alternatives to fattening sweets made with unhealthy processed sugars. Try adding berries to your daily routine this Berries and Cherries Month for all of the health benefits mentioned above, and remember, when in doubt, Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend is there to add nutrition from a wide variety of berries.


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