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Claudine Nicholas uses whole food nutrition and Juice Plus+ to boost immune system—and her dreams.

Lupus. There was a strange satisfaction, an odd sense of relief, in finally having a diagnosis after so much pain and uncertainty. But, really? Lupus? How could this be happening?

Looking back on her young life, Claudine Nicholas would never have imagined that by the age of twenty-three her adventurous and active lifestyle could be stopped dead in its tracks by the debilitating and relentless symptoms of autoimmune disease. After all, wasn’t she the same Claudine who had once been described by her mother as “perpetual motion”?  

“Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I loved sports and was involved with swimming, soccer, softball, basketball, tennis, racquetball, snow skiing, backpacking, and even sky diving.”

But Claudine remembers that her health had begun to spiral downward when she’d gone off to college and, like most incoming freshmen, replaced home-cooked meals with the convenience and allure of fast food.

“From then on, rarely did I drink much water or eat many fruits or vegetables. Still, I never made the connection as to why my energy had left me and as to why I was always sick from one thing or another.”

In her twenties, when Claudine Nicholas should have been out socializing with her friends and having a great time, her life was spent going to and from doctor visits and managing her pain.

“By age 29, I felt as though I were 90. Nearly every joint in my body was causing me severe pain. I was constantly running a low-grade fever and had incredible fatigue. In bed two or more days a week, I had little quality of life, and the fear of my health becoming worse filled my mind and dominated my behavior.”

Claudine became increasingly depressed about her future until, by chance, she was introduced to Juice Plus+ and the power of whole food nutrition, and the tide began to turn. Claudine began to put more healthy food in her body.

“For the first time in years, I began to gain control over my debilitating symptoms. After further reading on nutrition and my condition, I made another discovery: reducing my intake of sugar, white flour, caffeine, and fatty, fried, and processed foods could reduce my symptoms as well. With Juice Plus+ and the application of my new dietary knowledge, I was on my way to becoming healthy again.”

As her recovery progressed, Claudine slowly but steadily reclaimed her active lifestyle, challenging herself to run 17 half marathons in one year, and culminating with her first full marathon in 2012. But Claudine assures us that she’s just getting started. She has a long list of things she plans to do in her lifetime, with a special emphasis on promoting good nutrition for runners.

“Living Life to the Plus means not holding back.  It means having the belief that you can actually go for your dreams, because you have the health and the ability and the hope and the courage to go for your dreams.”

And with the optimism that comes with good health, Claudine has no doubt that she’ll be able to achieve them.

“Juice Plus+ has changed my life and my perspective on health. And I’ve come to realize that my battle with autoimmune disease has been a blessing in disguise: because of what I’ve learned, I can now help others.  When I started studying nutrition, I began to take back my health. I knew if I put good, healthy food in myself, that good things were going to happen.”

And those “good things” continue to multiply exponentially, for Claudine Nicholas, and for everyone she meets along the road to better health. 

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