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Healthy Halloween How-Tos: Fruit Carving

Every October, carved pumpkins peek out from porches and doorsteps all over the world. Gourd-like orange fruits engraved with ghoulish faces and illuminated by candles are a sure sign of the Halloween season. But why should carving be limited to solely pumpkins? At Juice Plus+, we don’t like to discriminate when it comes to celebrating our fruits and veggies. This Halloween, think beyond pumpkins and see what else you can create with other fruits and vegetables. Let the fruit carving begin!  

1.  Shrunken Apple Heads:  These shrunken heads, made from peeled, carved, and dried apples, are as spooky as the scariest Halloween masks -- and just as much fun to create! First, peel the apples. Using a marker, draw facial features including eyes, nose and mouth on the apple; be sure to draw the features large enough so they won't vanish when the apple shrinks. Then, carve the apple using the outlines as your guide. Soak the carved apples in lemon juice and salt for 30 seconds and pat dry. Set the apples in a warm, dry spot and after several days, the apple will shrink, causing the features to distort. See the final product here.

2.  Petrifying Pineapple: Carving a pineapple is very similar to carving a pumpkin. Begin by slicing out the center of the pineapple. Scrape out the insides with a spoon or your hands (if you dare). Rinse out the pineapple with water and pat dry with a paper towel. Use a knife to cut out whatever design or silly Halloween face you want your pineapple to have. Then, put a small candle or battery operated tea light in the center and watch your pineapple glow! See the step-by-step instructions here.

3.  Watermelon Brains: With only a watermelon, a paring knife, and a little patience you can make this awesome, eerie looking fruit that will leave your party guests in awe. First, peel the melon - peel it as you would peel any other fruit, just larger. Be sure to peel of all of the green skin, and a little bit of the white rind until just a tiny bit of red can be seen through the white. This will give your brain a nice pinkish brain color. Next, carve a line down the middle to divide it into two hemispheres. After you have created the line, you can carve any pattern of brain you would like. In general though, squiggly lines look relatively brain-like. See the final product here.

4.  Ghoulish Guacamole: There’s no better shape for a carved skull than an avocado. To make this spooky skull, simply carve your best skull face into the dark green avocado skin. The inside will reveal a lighter green flesh and red brown nut at its core, for an even scarier effect. Give it a try – we dark you!

Didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch this year? No worries! There’s tons of fruits and vegetables you can carve right from your refrigerator. Which fruit carving will you try this Halloween? Share your creations below! 

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