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The Big Game Inspires Focus on Nutrition for Sports Performance

This Sunday, America’s football diehards will find themselves once again glued to the TV for “The Big Game.” But fans won’t just be watching the game itself; they will also be admiring the drive and accomplishment of some of the best athletes in the country. While it may be fun and engaging to be a spectator, the game can also be an inspiration to make sports performance a greater focus in our lives. Whether we’re inspired by the strength of the linebacker, the accuracy of the quarterback, or the cunning placement of the receiver, we can all do more in our own lives to embody these aspects of sports performance.  A good start may be adding more nutrition for fitness. Eating a healthy diet can help to improve strength and energy.

Adding fruit and vegetable nutrition to your daily diet can provide nutrients and antioxidants that help regulate the digestive system and improve the body’s immune health, important for any inspiring athlete. If you can’t seem to eat enough fruits and vegetables on your own, Juice Plus+ is an effortless and proven option to add to your daily routine for increased sports performance, no matter the sport. Protein should also be a staple in any diet for exercise. Consuming additional protein following workouts is important to help rebuild muscles.  The Juice Plus+ Complete drink mix can be a good option as a post-workout protein source. Some other healthy protein options include fish, eggs, beans or white-meat chicken.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or just getting started on your path to a fitter self, a healthy diet is valuable to help you Live Life to the Plus+ and reach your fitness goals. Those goals don’t have to be as lofty as being a professional football player. They might be as down-to-earth as increasing endurance, or developing overall muscle tone. So don’t be envious of the athletes you see on TV this Sunday, be inspired to take simple steps towards a balanced nutritional diet and Plus+ up your fitness routine.

How do professional athletes inspire you to Live Life to the Plus+?


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