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Doctor Bill Sears’ 5 Healthy Back-to School Tips

Schools are back in full swing, meaning busier schedules packed with after-school activities and late-night homework. With less time for grocery shopping and cooking healthy meals for your family, the back-to-school grind can easily throw off your family’s healthy lifestyle balance. Nationally-acclaimed pediatrician, Doctor Bill Sears, understands that many parents are searching for easy, convenient ways to maintain their family’s healthy diets and lifestyles, especially while adjusting to the fast paced back-to-school season.  Here are Doctor Sears’ 5 healthy back-to-school tips to ensure your family stays on track this school year.

  1. Start Each Day with a Brainy Breakfast: Prepare your children a balanced brainy breakfast full of proteins, fiber-filled carbs, Omega-3 fats and minerals to enhance their behavior and learning, and contribute to fewer missed days of school. Start each day with a balanced breakfast to set up your children’s pattern for nutritious eating throughout the rest of the day.
  2. Add Juice Plus+:  Doctor Bill Sears has witnessed health improvement results from Juice Plus+ in his own patients and in his own life. He states, “ Juice Plus+ is a great way to get good nutrition from fruits and vegetables into kids."
  3. Simple Snacks Made Easy:  In just a few minutes, you can prepare a variety of nutritious, simple and inexpensive snacks for your children to enjoy. Raw almonds, baby carrots, apples, bananas are just a few simple, healthy alternatives for on-the-go snacks. Smoothies are the perfect sipping solution, serving as additional sources packed full of fruits and vegetables for a quick after school snack in between activities.
  4. Model Good Nutrition: By setting an example, evaluate and change your own eating habits, so you can easily shape your child’s. As their role model, the healthy diet and lifestyle you promote through your actions will naturally become your child’s nutritional norms.
  5. Encourage More Movement: Children spend most of their days sitting in the classroom, so keeping them active after school and on the weekends is essential to their health. Whether going to the park, playing in the backyard or joining a kid’s sports league, routine exercise will boost your child’s immune system and encourage a healthier lifestyle overall.

During the back-to-school hustle and bustle, your family doesn’t have to compromise healthy eating and living habits. By incorporating Doctor Sears’ five back-to-school tips, your family will be able to kick off the new school year the healthy way.

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