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Juice Plus+ Complete Drink Mix – A Healthy Nutritional Boost for an Active Lifestyle

Protein plays an important role in helping your muscles rebuild after you’ve torn them down during a good workout. That’s why Juice Plus+ has created the Juice Plus+ Complete drink mix. The Complete mix provides the protein your body needs pre and post workout. If you’ve never tried our Complete drink mix, it is a whole food based drink mix which can be used to create a healthy protein shake. As an added bonus, the Complete product is gluten-free and available in two delicious flavors, Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla.

So why should you add Juice Plus+ Complete to your diet? It’s important to understand that protein should be a main component of any healthy diet, especially for those with an active lifestyle. Below we provide answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the use of protein and how Juice Plus+ Complete can help provide this needed nutrition.

  • Why is protein important? Working out breaks down muscle fibers. While, this is a normal process that muscles go through every 15-30 days, it is sped up through exercise. During the process, amino acid delivery increases as well as absorption. Therefore, after your workout your body needs a new batch of amino acids (from protein) to help rebuild the muscle fibers. Luckily, the Juice Plus+ Complete drink mix has more protein than the other leading store brands so Juice Plus+ Complete users are covered.
  • How soon should I consume protein after my work out? Most people assume they should consume protein as soon as possible following a workout, normally within an hour after completion.  While consuming protein immediately after hitting the gym certainly isn’t going to hurt you, you actually have a window of at least 24 hours to consume added protein. Of course, the effect is greater the sooner after a workout protein is consumed, as effect diminishes over time, but your window doesn’t close as quickly as most people think. So whenever you feel like making your Juice Plus+ Complete shake, it’s a good time. Feel free to make it as a pre workout drink, a post workout drink, or even a healthy snack a little later in the day.
  • How much protein should I consume after a workout? A total of 10-20 grams of protein is ideal. You can even split your protein consumption around your workout, eating or drinking half before and half after. The goal is to get the protein in your body, how you break-up your servings is up to you. The Juice Plus+ Complete drink mix contains 13 grams of protein per serving, a perfect amount to consume pre or post workout to help rebuild your muscles.

While protein should definitely be a focus of your diet following exercise, there are other important components to recovering from a workout. For the average active person, protein won’t make a difference if you don’t have enough whole food nutrition in your diet. Juice Plus+ Complete provides this nutrition through nutrient packed pumpkin and pomegranate powders, our blend of ancient grains, and much more.

Will you be giving Juice Plus+ Complete a try for added nutrition following exercise?


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