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Welcome to the new!

As you’ve probably already noticed unless you’re a first time visitor, the Juice Plus+ team has been working hard behind the scenes to present you with a new and improved Just as our Juice Plus+ products have evolved over the past 20 years, so have our customers’ needs. Our goal was to create a website where we could connect directly with our customers, representatives, and the general public, and deliver all the information you want to know about whole food nutrition and Juice Plus+ in one place. We hope this new Juice Plus+ website accomplishes just that. 

Some of the new features you will notice are:

  • New and improved look and feel with more user-friendly navigation
  • Cross-tab navigation to our other Juice Plus+ web properties, such as Tower Garden by Juice Plus+
  • Social sharing throughout the site, which allows the Juice Plus+ community to share website pages with their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ communities, among others. 
  • A more complete explanation of  our commitment to farm fresh nutrition 
  • Enhanced information about clinical research
  • The new Juice Plus+ online community that you’re visiting right now

Our Farm Fresh Nutrition story follows the journey of Juice Plus+ from farm fresh ingredients to convenient whole food based capsules.

In addition to learning about the many clinical benefits associated with Juice Plus+, our enhanced clinical research section allows you to browse published clinical research journals and hear directly from doctors and health professionals why they recommend Juice Plus+ as part of a healthy diet.

In the brand new Community section you will find the latest nutrition and wellness news, as well as healthy recipes and Juice Plus+ product and company updates. This is your place to learn about the latest clinical research supporting Juice Plus+ products, find healthy recipes to try at home, and read nutrition and wellness tips and studies. And we want you to join the conversation as well! Now you can share your questions, tips and stories by posting your own comments to our Community pages. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Along with the new website we have also made some new enhancements to how Juice Plus+ is packaged. Our store now features a sneak preview of new Juice Plus+ packaging that will be arriving in your shipments later this year. The new packaging is not only beautiful and bright but more eco-friendly, so be sure to check it out.

Happy surfing and let us know what new additions are your favorite. 

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