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Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy This Summer

With the long summer nights, socialising, time with your children and time off work, it is easy to lose your routine, which keeps you fit and healthy during the week. 

Luckily there are a few things you can do, without having to slave to the beach body through your diet and workouts.

Whether you’re male, female or thinking about your children, we’ve compiled some simple tips to keep you feeling tiptop all summer long!


Windmill toe touch stretch dynamic stretching man standing training flexibility with back spinal twi


1. Be flexible with your workout time


This one is pretty important to ensure you still get some exercise in.

Whilst you may normally go at 9am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this might not work with your summer schedule and so it’s important to be flexible with your beach body fitness plan.


Smartwatch runner man checking progress on smart fitness sport watch during running break after hiit


2. Work out at the right time of day


Working out for the summer can be even more gruelling when the temperature is high.

If you’re exercising outside in high temperatures (on the beach for example), make sure you don’t do it in the mid day heat. Early morning or early evening works best for a summer work out routine.


Man Doing Mountain Climbers Exercise Workout


3. Keep it simple


As for the summer fitness ideas, keeping it simple is the key here if you’re exercising in the heat or at the beach/park.

Make sure you have a bottle of water ready to go, before a quick HIIT session to quickly get your blood pumping. A basic combination would be alternate lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, squats and high knees.

Ensure you stretch properly before and after!



Fit Fitness Woman Doing Fitness Exercises Outdoors At City. Girl Doing Exercise With Jump Rope. Fema

1. Try a new outside exercise


Take your workout outdoors!

It could be quite simply taking your normal session outdoors, or even it might be the perfect opportunity for you to try something new. Why not get down to your local sports centre, athletics track or park and try out a new sport?  

Remember to also consider the day of time you’re working out to prevent heat exhaustion, as stated above.


Weight loss healthy eating green vegetable smoothie with free weights kettlebells and exercise mat i

2. Be prepared food wise


As the summer months throw routine out of kilter, be sure to heed these healthy food tips for the summer and it’s essentially all about the preparation.

Think about nutritious salads and sides for your barbeques, and if you’re travelling, think about packing healthy snacks for the plane.

Fruit and nuts are both good options for transportable snacks.


Running woman, female runner jogging during outdoor workout on beach., fitness model outdoors.

3. Embrace the sand challenge


Working out on sand brings a level of unknown territory, and for a summer body work out for women (and men), this brings a brand new challenge. 

Ease yourself into the workout with a brisk jog or walk, before incorporating a combination of jumps, crunches or lunges. Even better, get yourself a skipping rope and feel the difference on your legs landing on a different surface.

Stretch properly afterwards!



Low angle view of a little boy eating popsicle against clear blue sky

1. Stay cool


Number one on the summer health tips for kids is to stay safe in the sun.

It might just be having a refreshing ice-lolly, a fan by the bedside or keeping out of the sun in the midday heat, but will make all the difference to you and your children’s overall wellbeing.

Family Father Son Togetherness Football Soccer Sport Concept

2. Healthy Summer Activities


Get your kids out and about!

The sun is shining and it’s important to make the most of the time outside, so think of some active and creative summer activities that will engage all the family. It could be taking a walk, an ocean swim, or perhaps playing ball in the garden. 

Fun in the kitchen can also be a great family activity; try getting them involved in creating colourful kebabs or ice-lollies.


Black family eating healthy food together

3. Eat vegetables with every meal


We all understand the importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

One of the best parts of the summer is how many delicious fruits and vegetables are in season, so make sure go above and beyond this summer to get a variety of colours and flavours on you and your children’s plate.

This is a simple summer nutrition tip, which will have your body thriving.




And don’t forget, overall it’s essential for everyone to remain hydrated!

During the hot summer months, our body loses a lot more water as we try to go about our day-to-day activities (even more so if you are exercising). Therefore, it is imperative to make sure you stay hydrated, and aim for at least 1.5L a day.

If you find flavoured water easier, try infusing your bottle with some strawberry, cucumber or lime for a fruity kick.