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Fun Summer Activities to Do With The Children

With the weather warming up and now the summer holidays have arrived, you’re probably in a frenzy about what you’re going to do to keep the little ones entertained over the long holiday.

The summer holiday can be difficult for so many different reasons, things can get stressful with the kids at home for so long.  However, the summer holidays are a great time to seek new adventures and spend quality time together as a family.

Here are some simple ideas on some fun activities that you can try with the children this summer: 

Family mountain biking on forest trail, back view


Go for a bike ride

Leave the car at home, and dust off the bikes.  There are some great country parks around that are bicycle friendly. Not only is this a fun activity that the kids will love, but it’s a great way to stay active too.


An exciting trip to the capital city

Kids are mesmerised by the simplest things and love going on adventures. A trip to London may not seem very exciting, but for a child it’s where the Queen lives, not forgetting Platform 9¾ (Harry Potter reference), Big Ben and so much more.  For some children, they’ve probably only seen these things on the TV, so it’s always exciting to see them in real life.


Generation family cooking on grill on camping


Try out camping

Make the most of the milder weather and get closer to nature with a camping trip. There are so many beautiful places in the UK that sometimes there is no need to actually go abroad for a holiday.


Check out the local museums and historic buildings.

You don’t have to go far to discover something new.  Most towns and cities have museums or historic buildings to explore. See what’s in your local area and learn something new.


Family spreading the picnic blanket in park


Go for a picnic

One of the best things about summer is being able to eat outside.  Why not change up your usual Sunday dinner and head out for a picnic instead. The kids can have fun playing while you’re setting up.