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How to Build a Happy Cooking Habit

The trick to being happy and cooking in the kitchen is not just about being organized. It’s about being clear about what you want to do there and how you want to feel doing it.

Week 1: Get CLEAR: What the heck do you want to do in your kitchen?

  • Love people by feeding them
  • Create a sense of belonging for your family
  • Or do you want to get your kitchen working like a short order cook processing meals like you mean it.

Week 2: Clean out your kitchen

  • What is cluttering your kitchen?
  • Put in storage anything you don’t use at the moment. Cookie cutters, dough rollers, spriralizers, machines etc. Put them in a closet or cellar until you need them.
  • Consider if a TV really needs to be there.
  • Chuck things you haven’t eaten in over 6 months

Week 3: Focus on 4 – Keep it Simple Stupid Meal Plan  

In every meal, I focus on getting these 4 healthy things in there.

  • Protein: meat, fish, eggs, tofu or beans
  • Greens: salad, broccoli, cabbage or kale
  • Vegetables: any one of them
  • Healthy Condiments: olive oil, nut oil, avocado, coconut oil, sesame oil

Week 4: Learn How to Cook Once and Eat Twice

  • Brown ground beef day one and use for tacos. Day two use for a Bolognese sauce.
  • Make grilled chicken for a salad day one. Day two shred and put into wraps with salad, avocado and thinly cut peppers.
  • Day one cook a whole chicken and eat with roasted veg. Day two chop chicken and use in a chicken salad with a bit of mayonnaise, celery, and almonds. Eat on a bed of greens.
  • Chop a bunch of vegetables to use for dipping on day one. Day two add it to an Asian stir fry.

It has now been a full month of focusing on getting your kitchen in order.

We’d love to hear from you!

  • What have you learned?
  • What’s is still a challenge?
  • What does intention bring to the cooking experience?
  • What habits have stuck? Or haven’t? Why?