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Manifesting for your wellbeing

Manifest it’ is the Gen Z and millennial catch phrase of 2022. Want a good outcome on a project? Manifest it! Want enough money to buy a fancy dinner out? Manifest it! Want it to be sunny this weekend? Manifest it! But what even is ‘manifesting’ and is it relevant to me? Can it really help my physical and mental wellbeing and how should I be using it? These are the questions we have tried our very best to answer (and we won’t tell you to ‘manifest it!’ regularly throughout this article).


In the simplest terms, manifesting is channelling positive thoughts into action to create your desired outcome. It’s truly believing something will happen and taking all the necessary steps to do so, to make that something a reality. There are many books, essays and takes on manifesting and how to do it, but put simply, it’s taking thoughts and making them a reality. So for example, if you want to have £100,000 in your bank account, you will believe that is a reality. And truly believe it, deeply in your soul. You may then read business books, seek advice, make smart financial decisions and continue to work towards this reality, continually believing that this will be the case… until it comes true. The idea is that by focusing on an idea, and believing you can make your dreams a reality, you can make it happen.

There are many success stories of manifestation – just look it up on Instagram and search in your local bookshop for many stories whereby people swear by manifesting practices. It does also come with some criticism… but the core of manifesting, is really very positive. Believe in yourself, believe in your goals and believe you have the strength and the capacity to make them real. This central belief can be applied in so many areas of your life, including living and thinking healthily. So whatever you think of manifesting as a practice itself, if you believe in self confidence and self care, then we think there’s a lesson in manifestation.

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash


So can this core practice help your physical and mental wellbeing? Well, we certainly think so. When we set ourselves goals specifically related to our physical or mental health, we may come up against obstacles or blockers. These may be practical things like having the time to do things, or proximity to open spaces or the gym for example… but it can also be mental blockers. It can be negative thoughts, procrastination or generally not feeling up to it. These obstacles are often much harder to overcome than the logistical ones. Tackling this via some of the principles of manifestation and having the assurance to say to ourselves, ‘yes, I can do that and ‘I believe I can do that’ is one big step towards overcoming negative thoughts, which may be getting in the way of us completing our health goals.


Incorporating this kind of manifestation may not feel very tangible at this point, but there are a few very easy things you can do help create positive thought patterns.

1.    Write it down – writing things down on paper makes them feel real and it is also a very healthy way to release negative energy too

2.    Say it out loud – to yourself, in front of the mirror, to friends. Say it over and over until you believe it

3.    Do the things that help you towards your goal – even if they make you uncomfortable, or you don’t feel ready. This one is hard, but sometimes you have to show up as the person you want to become or the person capable of completing that goal, before you become it

Keep these things super simple to begin with and build up when you start to get your confidence. These practices can also be very personal, so don’t put any pressure on yourself to share with others. You can keep these to yourself – as long as you are working on believing it, then you are taking the manifesting principle seriously.


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


As with all practices, manifesting works best when you are also doing many other things to look after your mental and physical wellbeing. Eating healthily, exercising, practicing gratitude and mindfulness are all things to keep in mind alongside. These are all part of a balanced, healthy and well rounded lifestyle, which in turn will help you be the best version of yourself to complete your goals. Here’s why

A well fuelled body in turn provides a well fuelled brain and so eating healthily should be something you focus on all year round. We have tonnes of healthy recipe suggestions, as well as adding in Juice+ to your daily routine for an extra boost.


We all know exercise releases endorphins, a happy hormone. Fuelling with a healthy diet and exercising regularly is a very positive way to look after your mind and body collectively, putting you in a better mindset to focus on your dreams and goals.


Mindfulness is the quiet practice of doing things mindfully – without distraction. Mindfulness is excellent for appreciating the moment you’re in and finding clarity in your thoughts. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day may help you focus on making what you want a reality and what you need to do to get there.


Gratitude is so powerful. Practicing gratitude every day is the act of listing what you’re grateful for and taking a moment to be thankful. Simple but so powerful.

So manifesting for your wellbeing is a stance that is really individual for everyone – you can take it as far, or as conservative, as you wish. But the core of it is believe in yourself and good things will come… and that’s a belief we can definitely get on board with.