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Everything you need to know about the Kick Start 10 Programme

First things first, it is not a “diet”, and it is not meant to cut out food groups. This is an exploration into eating better, moving more, and taking good care of yourself, so that living a healthy lifestyle will become natural to you. 

We want to teach you how to create balance with food and lifestyle by listening to your body. You are the number 1 expert in how your body functions. 

This is a total body approach including proper nutrition, as well as making sure you get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly. And the best part? It is super easy to get started with our One Simple Change philosophy!  

  • We explore how different foods feel inside your body and empower you to take action and leave out what’s not working for you.  
  • We focus on eating mostly plants and finding balance with other types of foods.  
  • We encourage being curious about exercise to find what works best for your body. 
  • We show you how to create relaxing sleep rituals to support rest and recuperation. 
  • We make staying hydrated fun with tips and tricks. 
  • We support a healthy family life… we know it is already a lot of work! 


For ten days, each day we will explore 1 different food or lifestyle change to see what works best for you. Put your scientific goggles on and get started! 


Each day you get a new challenge or focus area. Something to change, take out or explore how it feels to add something healthy into your daily routine. We give tips, tricks and share how to make it happen as we all know we need to make change, but it is not always easy to get it done in our busy day to day. PLUS you get support from your Juice Plus+ Partner and the community. 

Preparation is the key to success. 



Where can you add in a bit more veg and fruit? 


Where can you add in a bit of movement and what kind does your body like? 



Hydration… doesn’t stop with water, think about soup, stews and herbal teas. 



Do you know how important sleep is to maintaining a fit body? 



An exploration into how caffeine works in the body. 



It’s not all or nothing. Where is the balance? 



Taking notice of how alcohol supports or takes away from how your body feels. 



Fibre is the hot topic these days! Digestion and gut health included. 



Looking into habits throughout the day and how to find more supportive ones. 



It is so important to celebrate this exploration and what you have learned along the way. It may not be perfect, but it is an amazing start. 



  1. Explore one new topic area and ADD IN the good stuff. 
  2. Add in Juice Plus+ Products 
  3. During these 10 days, find balance with alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. 



Whole Foods 




Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable, Berry Blend Capsules 

Complete by Juice Plus+ Shakes 








When you are taking better care of yourself, moving more, creating balance in your life, and nourishing yourself, you may see some exciting changes. 


Our Juice Plus+ partners support you online and in chat forums to keep you motivated and inspired to always take one more step forward on your healthy living journey. 

Each region tailors the recipe and lifestyle content to match local tastes and preferences, so you don’t have to search for strange ingredients at your market. 



Breakfast: Juice Plus+ Shake 

Snack: Greek yogurt with fruit or berries 

Lunch: Poke bowl (made with Complete by Juice Plus+ Vegetable Soup) 

Snack: Vegetable sticks and hummus 

Dinner: Tray bake with lean protein, vegetables, and quinoa 

Hydration: Adequate water, herbal tea, and other suitable liquids like broth 

Added nutrition:

  • Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blend Capsules (or chewables) 
  • Complete by Juice Plus+ Shakes, Bars or Soup 

Weight Loss Support: (optional) Complete by Juice Plus+ Booster 

Movement: 15 minutes 

Sleep: 8 hours 

Community: Time chatting and sharing 

Each menu we share is meant to inspire you on what to eat during the course of a day, but it is not a prescribed diet. Remember to contact your doctor before starting a diet, especially if you suffer from a specific diseases, obesity, food intolerances or allergies: they will direct you to the most competent specialist. 


Our products help you to add in quality nutrition to your day. We focus on sourcing ingredients from high-quality plant-based foods. 


Provides added nutrition from 30 different fruit, vegetables, and berries along with selected vitamins and other plant ingredients in easy to take capsules.  

  • Our Complete by Juice Plus+ shake powders include real food ingredients, plant-based protein, and other added nutrients, which makes them a great choice as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner smoothie.*  
  • The Complete by Juice Plus+ Bars are ready to go, unwrap and eat. Nothing to prep or clean up.  
  • The Complete by Juice Plus+ Soup is a savoury soup that takes minutes to prepare. Super convenient when at work, or at home. 

The Booster is the perfect complement on your weight loss journey (if you are on this path.) Glucomannan, the Booster’s active ingredient, assists weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet. Glucomannan is a natural, dietary fibre sourced from the konjac root. 


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* Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes, bars and soups are designed to be a meal replacement for weight control. As a part of a calorie-controlled diet 

  • replacing one meal a day with Complete contributes the maintenance of weight after weight loss  
  • replacing two meals a day with Complete contributes to weight loss.