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Father's Day Gift Ideas


No matter what kind of Dad you're celebrating this Father's Day, there's always a thoughtful and fun gift idea to be found. Read on to find something that's sure to have the Dad in your life feel special this Father's Day.

What's the Best Father's Day Gift?


Finding just the right Father's Day gift can start getting tricky year after year. So let's begin by taking pause and asking ourselves:

How do I want "Dad" to feel when he receives and uses the gift I give him this year?

What's something you know your father would like to experience but wouldn't buy for himself? Or what's something you'd love for your Dad to have but he might not think about for himself? 

Let's start with some fun and unique gift ideas that are particularly good for the Dad you haven't bought for before. Or one you don't know so well – such as a father-in-law or new step-dad. 

  • BBQ/Grill Kit complete with seasoning mixes, utensils, and grill cookbook
  • Hamper full of food/drink delights you know he'll appreciate
  • Gardening tools
  • Home Brew Beer Kit, Cheese Making Kit, or sampler gift pack
  • A travel mug/bottle featuring his fave Star Wars or Super Hero
  • Fishing or other sports equipment, such as a new bike helmet or at-home putting green that's no     longer than 9 feet.
  • Camping provisions meal kit
  • A self-massager gun for easing tension or knots from his shoulders/neck
  • Portable Chess or Backgammon set
  • Electronic gadgets like a portable battery for his phone, the latest wireless earphones, a "Fit" watch –     something that tracks his movement, as well as his heart rate and sleep, a mini photo-printer, or     a Kindle to save him from lugging around his favourite hardbacks (not to mention the fees he'll save on     overweight bags ;-))
  • Sleep light therapy alarm clock – created to induce a more restful night's sleep as it simulates the light     of both sunset and sunrise to help you slowly fall asleep and wake up to natural sounds and more     natural-looking light
  • A subscription to Audible – an audiobook service so he can keep learning and enjoying his favourite     books while doing Dad stuff
  • Travel-guide for a weekend getaway to one of his top not-yet-visited cities 
  • A leather-bound journal     where he can jot down thoughts about those weekend getaways
  • Weekender style duffel bag
  • A cast-iron baking pan that doubles as a pizza and grilling pan so Dad can invite you over and show off     his skills… perhaps from that cooking class you gifted him for Christmas ;) 



  • A sports/deep tissue massage
  • A 1:1 lesson with an instructor in a sport he hasn't had much time for lately
  • An autobiography or biography written about one of his heroes, and an afternoon off with one of his favourite drinks to read it
  • Or a non-fiction read that shares a healthy message like "Spark" by John Ratey about how exercise improves the performance of your brain
  • Cold Brew Drip Coffee Maker – to help him up in the morning after the baby's been keeping him up all night. Or what about a Juicer if a fresh-pressed juice is more his wake-up style
  • Home-made Face Scrub for some pampering you can get your older kids to help make
  • Mini Skincare pack with an essential cleanser, serum, and/or moisturiser
  • A new PJ set
  • A hammock – says holiday without having to travel further than the backyard, and is also the perfect place for him and new baby to rock-a-bye together
  • Candle gift set to him prioritise a little self-care… and a gift that the rest of the house will also enjoy, depending on where he lights them
  • A gift card to a local barbershop that does a little more pampering than just the essential
  • A framed family photo or pic of just him and the kids that he can add to his desk 



Or what about an experience that allows your Dad to spend special time with his partner, a friend, or better yet, you! 

  • Hot Air ballooning
  • Tickets to his favourite even
  • Rock climbing
  • Home-prepped picnic and walk around the local park or rive
  • A grill class, or any type of cooking class that highlights his favourite food
  • A steam-train ride to his favourite part of the country
  • Or perhaps you're looking for that inspirational gift for the person that inspires you? 

How about something that might help Dad grow in an area he's mentioned once or twice, but you know he hasn't gotten around to yet or had the time for. 

MasterClass is an online platform that hosts a variety of unique classes that feel more like personal conversations. On topics varying from Cooking with Gordon Ramsey, The Science of Better Sleep by Matthew Walker, Writing by James Patterson, Basketball Shooting with Stephen Curry, to name but a few. A "Gift Pass" could be just the Father's Day gift he'll love this year.

What's been your favourite Father's Day gift to give Dad? Please share with us below. It might be just the thing that makes another Dad's day this Father's Day.