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How to Get More Done From a Place of Ease and Flow

Psst! It's your Fairy Godmother speaking! Well, it's her talking through me, and she wants you to know there's a better way to live than the current adrenal zapping routine you're in right now. 

There is a way to get everything done on our over-piled plate, from a place of ease and flow, and go to bed each night with our soul smiling, knowing we're being taken care of.

Let's begin by understanding we can't be reminded often enough that one of the highest frequencies we can vibrate at is . When we're in gratitude, we're automatically in a place of expansion and receiving. It's a form of magnetism – a place where we seem to draw to us without effort all that we desire.

is what helps get us into an energy state of floating high on life, feeling happy and connected, being in your body, feeling your soul. That life is good, and I'm where I'm supposed to be.

When we're in this place, life becomes easy. It flows. It can feel like the seas part for us. 

For example, we could be running late for something, but the lights turn green just when we need them to. We find the free car spot right outside the place we need to be. Or we walk into our fave coffee shop, it's packed, but then a table opens up, just for us.

When it comes to work or our to-do list, flow has you feeling all 

This is the place where we're co-creating with the Universe. A place that instils in us thoughts like, 

OK, Fairy Godmother, that's great. I get it: Gratitude. But life isn't always full of rainbows and Unicorns. It's 2020, remember?

How do I turn myself into the person that vibrates at this higher frequency, more often than not, so that I can magnetise this place of ease and flow? 

She's glad you asked ;-) 

First, a little more about me, so you can see where I'm coming from.

Without recognising it, life until my late 30's was full and ease and flow. I was tapped in, without an awareness of what exactly I was tapped into. From the outside, I was one of the 

I made it through high school, relatively unscathed. I was offered a place in a newly developed University course that couldn't have been more perfectly suited to me. Graduated with first-class Honours and got the job I wanted. I met a gorgeous guy, moved to Europe, and travelled. A lot. We married, had a baby boy, eventually moved back to Australia, and there we had a baby girl. Life was, for the most part, magical. 

It's important to know here that I understood and appreciated-the-pants-out-of how magical my life was during this time. And the more in love with life I was, the more the Good Just Kept Coming. 

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

And then life changed. Dramatically. Shizzle happened.

After moving back to Europe a second time, my husband and I separated (my doing) and divorced. I began to forget what ease and flow felt like. 

I became the person filled with anxiety, running on adrenaline, working, grinding, and feeling like I was getting nowhere – 24/7. I was living from a space of thinking I always had to push uphill and not allow myself to be entirely happy… because that's what I thought I deserved. (Uh-oh, spoiler alert: Our Beliefs Shape Everything!) And I lived like this for the better part of a decade… yes, really.

You might be thinking I'm making this sound frivolous when it was anything but. 

(Yes, even WITHOUT therapy. Trust me. I did talk-therapy for 3 years. And it got me NO-where.)

Last week I turned 50, and I'm so darn thankful to say the last few years have been full of wonder and magic, again. Primarily because I began re-listening to soul. And she reminded me how good life gets to be when I allow it.


So how do we get into a state of flow and ease, and stay there?

Here are the 3 steps I took with intention, on the daily, until the magic began re-appearing automatically.


Instead of thinking, I should be doing x,y, or z right now, because that's what's expected of me. I Stop. Pause. Take stock and ask myself "What do I need for me, right now?"

This is about listening and tuning in to soul. And if soul says "go take a walk or nap, watch the funny movie or go laugh with friends," even when there are other things you "should" be doing, then that's the answer.

Yes, this will always be a work in progress for me, and most women. But the more we practice, the better we get... at everything.


Trust that the better it gets, the better it gets. In every cell of your body, begin feeling that 

Sometimes getting a particular outcome we're after, means doing the counter-intuitive. It means learning to trust the answer that comes through when we begin listening to soul. 

Even when it doesn't make sense.

Learning to just sit and be still when that's the answer that comes through, even when we think there are a hundred other things we should be doing, is ALWAYS the answer.

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Forgetting to trust this, I believe, broke my connection to a life of flow and ease for so many years. Although I remained "a glass half full" type of person, I was also hell-bent on punishing and blaming myself. Believing I didn't truly deserve to be happy because I walked away from my marriage. 

Realising this, having faith and trusting that I am always being guided by my higher self/God/Universe is what got me back into the flow-state. 

I help myself by blocking out time in my day to simply be, by:

  • not grabbing my phone and checking social media or emails first thing
  • the ritual of making a green juice/smoothie each morning
  • working out without fail every second day
  • making and taking the space to meditate on/ visualize /day-dream about what I want different areas of my life to look like

Part of this process is then asking, when necessary, for help and support around doing what you're being guided to do. Taking the time out to feed your soul may require those around you to help out more. Or coming to a different work arrangement with your boss. 

And, regardless of what comes on any given day, the key is looking for things to appreciate and be glad about. Doing this has you automatically dialed into the belief that life gets to feel easy, no matter what is going on.

Yes, there's always going to be crapola to do. Things we'd rather not have to deal with, but 

And then it's all about practice.


Learning to be in "the pause" is what brings us the break-throughs we're looking for.

 What we eat, what (if any) workouts to do, what actions to take in our work, relationships, and finances to create the results WE desire.

There are so many different ways to do life – but basically, it comes down to the hard way or the  way.

Where do you know you need to get into the habit of creating "the pause" for yourself? Where can you be saying YES more often to your soul?

Listening to soul, and Gratitude for what comes is one of the most potent tools and habits you can use to create the life you came here for.