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Our Energy Is What Makes the World Go Round – A Tribute to my Dad, for Father’s Day

Rather than a list of things to go buy your Dad, or the perfect way to cook him his favourite steak, I wanted to share with you a particular way my Dad sees the world, as a tribute to him for Father’s Day.

While he’s no scientist, my Dad’s way of seeing the world, has something to do with the Law of Physics, in that it states, – and it’s through him that I’ve learned we all have the ability to influence the state of the world via the energy or vibe we give off.

I’m incredibly lucky to have a Dad who leaves everyone he spends time with, that little bit happier. Whether it’s a 2 minute phone call, a grocery store interaction, or spending time with family or friends. He has a magical ability to delight people with his energy.




My Dad delights in taking the time to help someone, whether he has the space for it or not, because it not only helps them but he feels it too.


Growing up, and still today, Dad often shared with my Mum, brother and I what he appreciates about us and is grateful for. And while he would leave it at that, I know that it’s from this vibrational space that we all get to welcome more good things into our life.


Ok, so there’s no way he’d put it that way…! But he’d definitely agree that

Words hold serious power and create your reality. So he practices choosing them wisely and he was always reminding me to turn around the language of my (…I like to think only occasional) tantrums, from talking about what to only making verbal what



So he’s not a saint. But my Dad understands the magic that comes from tuning into what he could make a situation that little bit more special, rather than just go with the status quo.

For example, when I was about 8 or 9 years old I remember the whole family coming over to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Oh my goodness, I’ve just realized now it must have been his 30th birthday! My Dad is British – his family were £10 Poms, travelling by boat from England to Sydney, Australia in the 1950’s – and mum’s side of the fam is pure Aussie, so it’s the norm that everyone else buys presents for the person having their birthday.

But that year, my Dad had bought and individually wrapped a book for every one in the family. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.

I remember everyone sitting around before lunch and him bringing out a big box. And it was full of the books he’d taken the time to seek out, as a reflection of what he thought each person in our family might love. And it made their day.


While others will lose their cool, curse, rant and rave when things go wrong, Dad doesn’t. I was lucky to grow-up in house where I rarely heard a raised voice between my parents.

They usually spoke gently but straight-up with us and everyone around them. Both my parents have an attitude of


Dad taught me from a very young age there’s no point holding on to the wrongdoings of others. He’d say something like, Although he’s British, he sometimes sounds more Aussie than born and breed True Blues ;-)

He’s showed me that holding even the smallest of grudges closes your heart and your ability to feel free. He taught me there’s nothing better than going to sleep each night with an open heart and a smiling soul, and that’s what forgiveness can bring.




I’m blessed. My Dad, and my Mum, are two of the most generous and caring people I know. Dad gave me Marianne Williamson’s “A Woman’s Worth” to read in my early 20’s when I was going through the wringer with someone I was seeing back then.

He knows that being willing to receive what the Universe sends your way is part of life’s adventure and is usually a reflection of the vibration and signal you send out. But what I appreciate most is he’s also of the mindset that sometimes (vibrational) wires get crossed, and if a situation just isn’t working out after you’ve given it all you got, then cut those ties and move on.


Whether it’s cleaning up the kitchen, washing the car, mowing the grass or giving everything he had to his work over the years, Dad has always given everything his all. While at the same time, never making anything out to be too much trouble or effort.


This is something I remember my Dad sharing with my brother and I at a very young age. He’d say it matter-o-fact like but with a twinkle in his eye, suggesting this one small thing changes everything. And it does.

Dad has taught me it’s our energy that makes the world go round, and that in each moment of any day we have the opportunity to shape our environment by the energy to the things we do.

Thanks for being my superhero, Dad.

Please comment below, letting us know who your superhero is. It could be your Grandad, your brother, your best friend, or any guy who’s had a special impact on your life. Use the hashtag and let us know below.