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Simple Ways To Exercise Every Day

Motivating yourself to exercise can be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome when it comes to getting fit. The thought of getting yourself to the gym, that’s before you’ve even done your work out, can be enough to put you off! Never fear, here are seven simple ways you can get yourself moving every single day – with very little effort required!

1. Find a way to incorporate a walk into your daily routine.

This might mean finding a train or bus route, which requires more of a walk, or simply parking your car further away from work/the kids school. If you can find a way of incorporating thirty minutes of walking into your daily routine, you’ll be racking up your step count without even realising. And a bit of fresh air is always a good thing!



2.  Jog around your neighbourhood.

Jogging around the block requires very little effort and is another easy way to get your endorphins. All you need is trainers, a water bottle and off you go! Make sure you stretch before and after, to avoid muscle damage and minimise sore legs!

3.  Do a simple HIT work out at home

You only have to tap ‘HIT’ into Google for thousands of HIT combinations to do at home. High Intensity Training is a fantastic way to build muscular strength and as the principle focuses on brief bursts of exercises, this won’t take a massive chunk of time out of your day. As the name suggests though, HIT sessions are intense and you need to ensure you’re carrying out exercises correctly and taking time to recover.


Portrait of fit red haired woman doing yoga exercises at home on floor: stretching muscles standing


4.  Stretch yourself out with some yoga

Want some minimal effort exercise? This is the answer! You don’t even necessarily need a yoga mat (although that would be preferable) – just get yourself a large-ish space in your home or garden and stretch those limbs! There are tonnes of yoga tutorials out there if you’re a beginner and you can tailor the moves to your body. Intense yoga or just a stretch out, this is an easy win on both fronts!

5. In your garden circuit training

The dreaded phrase, ‘circuit training’, need not be so dreaded! This is another really easy and quick way to get your blood pumping without having to leave the house.  There are many combinations to go for depending which part of your body you want to work on – but burpees and mountain climbers are great for getting that sweat on!


Fit man working out at spinning class in gym


6.  Get on your bike

Getting on your bike and enjoying the great outdoors can not only be a social activity, but a great activity to get your heart racing (excuse the pun!) Whether it’s cycling to work or finding a local route, cycling can burn more calories than running. Find a resistance and speed that works for you – or even get yourself in a spinning class if you’re feeling a little more adventurous!