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Top Holistic Tips For a Balanced Holiday

If you are on the path to adopting a healthier lifestyle, going on holiday can feel like an anxious experience because of all of the beautiful tempting food that’s on offer.  You may be scared of coming back a little heavier and indulging too much after all your hard work.

If this is you, grab these 3 top tips to help you have the best holiday full of happiness and balance.

Couple eating at hotel restaurant on Hawaii travel vacation beach drinking hawaiian drink mai tai. H


1. Remember that there are no bad foods

There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food, but bad diets do exist.  No food is inherently bad; it’s our perception of food that needs fixing. You’re on holiday, so this isn’t the time to restrict what you eat. Give yourself the permission to indulge and enjoy your food.   

Think of it this way, you may never visit this place again, I’m sure you don’t want to look back with regrets that you didn’t try a certain dish because you were worried about your waistline. Eat and be merry!


Girl relaxing and eating fruit plate by the hotel pool. Exotic summer diet. Photo of legs with healt


2. Be treat smart

Although you’re there to enjoy yourself and there should be no restrictions on the food that you eat, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should eat ice cream sundaes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A little perspective goes a long way and upgrading some of your desserts and snacks for healthier options can help you find that balance on holiday without feeling restricted.


Freedom - happy free couple in car driving in pink vintage retro car cheering joyful with arms raise


3. Just enjoy yourself

You’ve probably worked hard and saved hard for this holiday, so the time is now to enjoy it.  Seriously, don’t think about the number on the scales when you get back home, because that isn’t going to make you happy.  A number cannot determine your happiness or your worth. Simply have a fantastic time creating wonderful memories, try new foods without fear and have the happiest of times.