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5 foods to boost your memory

Life is bonkers and don’t we know it – I often have to run back to the house because I’ve forgotten my keys/purse/phone/ other vital possessions I need for the day! We often see or hear people saying – ‘this food can save your memory!’ ‘This food can boost your brainpower!’ But does what we put into our mouth really impact the way we think? It turns out yes – it does and it’s been scientifically proven! So what are these brain-feeding foods and how can you start eating more of them? Here are just five super foods that’ll help you steam through the week!


1. Avocado

Before you say ‘avocados have a high fat content’, this creamy fruit is an absolute powerhouse of nutrition.  The good fats in avocados are the monounsaturated fats, which have been proven to protect brain cells. Furthermore, they are high in vitamin K and folate (folic acid) – both preventing against blood clots in the brain. There are so many ways to get more avocados into your diet. Chop them into salads, smooth over toast, whizz up in smoothies or throw together some guacamole.  


2. Blueberries

These are one of my favourite berries and they are the highest antioxidant packed fruit out there! These high levels of antioxidants protect your brain cells and reduce inflammation, limiting damage from stress and degeneration.  There should be no excuses as to why you can’t eat more of these; they are too gorgeous! Throw into a fruit juice or smoothie, top your porridge or make some blueberry pancakes! Go on - make your breakfast blue!


3. Extra virgin olive oil

We’re talking real extra virgin olive oil here – the good stuff! Extra virgin olive oil is packed with an antioxidant called polyphenols, which are powerful brain cell preservers! Including EVOO in your diet might not only help your focus, memory and productivity, but also help fight off brain toxins that may induce Alzheimer’s.  Extra virgin olive oil is at its healthiest at room temperature, so try drizzling over your next salad!


4. Dark leafy greens

Kale, spinach, swiss chard and romaine lettuce are all bursting with goodness to keep your brain ticking.  Full of vitamin E and folate, filling up on green goodness is the real deal! Not only do these help fight inflammation and keep your bones strong (ie, Popeye!), the folate and extra vitamin K protect those brain cells too. Crisp up some kale with extra virgin olive oil to make some yummy crisps or blitz some spinach into your next smoothie.


5. Salmon

One of my favourite fish to eat during the week and so easy to cook, it’s amazing this is such a fab brain food too! Salmon is an incredible natural source of omega-3 oil, totally brain friendly and known to actually help the growth of cells in the brain’s memory centre! I love salmon baked in foil with a little pesto or simply poached until it’s soft and flaky. Try with a serving of dark leafy greens drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and you’re onto a winning brain fuelling dinner!