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5 Ways to Feel Good This Autumn

National Spa Week has arrived, which is the perfect time to take some time out for you and practice some self-care.  Carving in some ‘me time’ into your day and developing a self-care routine will help you flourish and feel good.

Why not try some of these autumn themed self care ideas to help you make some time just for you and will make you feel magical.




1. Go for a long walk

This is such a beautiful season, the crisp air, the burnt oranges and reds of the leaves and the autumnal sunshine. Take advantage of the season, wrap up warm and get outside for a long walk. You can even listen to your favourite podcast or playlist too.


Young Couple In Kitchen


2. A comforting home cooked meal

Autumn is the perfect time for slow cooking and comfort food.  Take care of your body by cooking a delicious meal that you’ve lovingly created yourself.




3. Curl up with a good book

Reading is the perfect form of escapism and it involves very little cost. Treat yourself to a book or start working through that pile of books on your bedside table to escape the world for a while.




4. Make an indulgent hot chocolate

Nothing says comfort better than a big mug of hot chocolate. Top it with fluffy marshmallows and squirty cream for some real indulgence.


Young pensive beautiful girl choosing shoes in her wardrobe


5. Create a capsule wardrobe

Having a clear out is one of the most therapeutic things that you can do. Go through your wardrobe and clear out things that you no longer need and create a capsule wardrobe for autumn.