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World Vegetarian Awareness Month


World Vegetarian Awareness Month

In October the whole world gets really aware about how meat impacts our lives, our health and the planet. Take a minute here to reflect on what that means for you and how you could potentially improve your health by focusing more on whole fruits and vegetables for one whole month! (It doesn’t have to be perfect… but eating 50% more vegetarian will already make a huge difference!!)


Awareness Questions (answers at the bottom.)


1.  What is a vegetarian? Why are they vegetarian?

2.  Do you know these other terms:

a.  Vegan

b.  Junk Food Vegetarian

c.  Chickenitarian

d.  Pescetarian

e.  Omnivore

3. What are good things about being vegetarian?

For me…           

For the Planet…

4.  Can you think of 5 vegetarian dishes?

5.  Can you name 5 famous vegetarians?


Great… now that you are more aware, here are some tips for you.

BTW the answers to these questions are at the bottom.

Practical Tips for Eating Vegetarian


1. Go slow

·         Quitting meat all at once could be unhealthy and upsetting to the body.

·         For example: Practice Meatless Mondays for one month ;-) and see how your body feels.

2. Don’t just switch out meat for things like Tofurky or Veggie Hot Dogs

·         Many “fake meats” are not so healthy, are very processed and contain lots of sodium.

·         Opt for healthy proteins like beans, nuts and seeds.

3. Check in with your doctor

·         This lifestyle and way of eating is not for everyone.

·         It’s important to get a health check to see where you are and then check again after 3 months  to ensure you are getting all the nutrition you need.

·         Consider taking supplements to ensure that you are covered in terms of vitamins and minerals.

4. Watch out for vegetarian meals that only contain pasta, bread and cheese.

·         Or you will grow to be a quite chunky vegetarian ;-/

·         The point is to eat vegetables! (Not just avoid meats.)


5. Have fun with it!

·         Explore new vegetarian restaurants with friends

·         Try new recipes on the weekends

·         Try a new fruit or vegetable that you’ve never had before

Questions & the Answers


1. What is a vegetarian? Why are they vegetarian?

A vegetarian is someone who eats no animal flesh. No meat, no fish, but will have animal products such as eggs, milk and honey.

There are many different reasons for why.

·         Animal welfare/factory farming

·         Avoiding antibiotics

·         Protect the environment

·         Better digestion

·         Improved health

·         Avoiding added hormones

·         Spirituality

·         Food borne illnesses


2. Do you know these other terms:

a. Vegan – eats absolutely no animal products. No flesh, no milk/yogurt, no honey.

b. Junk Food Vegetarian – lives off of bread, cereals and sugary products instead of actual vegetables.

c. Chickenitarian – eats vegetarian + chicken (avoids beef, lamb, fish, etc.)

d. Pescetarian – eats vegetarian + fish

e. Omnivore – eats everything


3. What are good things about being vegetarian?

For me… when eating more vegetables, my health improves.         

For the Planet… when eating less meat, the environment is less damaged.


4. Can you think of 5 vegetarian dishes?

Pizza, lasagna, pasta ;-) or vegetarian chili, hummus/rocket wrap, black bean tacos… and so many more!


5. Can you name 5 famous vegetarians?

Gandhi, Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein… and many more.