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3x3 with Luke: Sore neck? Release and relax!


Feeling stiff and tense after a long day at work? Luke shows you three stretches that you can try to help you enjoy a relaxed and painfree evening. You can even do these stretches in short breaks before lunch or during the afternoon.


1. Exercise: High shoulder raise and head roll back stretch

This stretch is designed to release some of the tension gained in  your shoulders and neck through your stressful day at work. Raise your shoulders high into a shrug to activate your traps and engage your scapular, then roll your head right back and forward as far as your range of motion allows to stretch your neck. Repeat this exercise in repetitions.


2. Exercise: Behind the back head and shoulder stretch.

Have one hand hold onto the other wrist behind your back and stand straight and tall. Then bring your shoulders back and open your chest. In this position slowly move your head from side to side, lowering your ear towards your shoulder. Repeat a few times to relieve any tension.


3. Exercise: Standing shoulder and hamstring stretch

Stay in the same position as the previous stretch and bend your hips, keeping your legs straight. Maintain a neutral posture without rounding the thoracic spine. Your arms should still be in position from the pervious stretch and now bring them away from your body to stretch your shoulders.


Important: Repeat all 3 exercises 3 times!