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How to nurture relationships with your friends this Valentine's Day

As we come up to Valentines Day, it’s easy to think that it’s all about romance and focusing on pouring love and affection into your partner. Yet there are so many relationships that require equal love and attention, like our family and friends.

Each special relationship we have requires nourishment and nurture. Consider each one like a seed, needing water, love, light and food to grow and blossom.

So how can we nurture each of our relationships?

Woman With Wine Bottle Congratulating Friend For New House


Friendships are a relationship unto their own and can be the trickiest to navigate. There is no ‘handbook’ to maintaining a healthy friendship or societal ‘do’s and don’ts’, like there may be for your partner or family.

The key here is consistent and kind communication. Friendships change, sometimes they become stronger over time, sometimes they dissolve altogether. The key to maintaining a happy and healthy friendship is effort and communication from both parties and the willingness to listen and support.

Friendships are also essential when it comes to having fun, providing distraction and problem solving. Next time you’re seeing a close friend, try an activity where you can forget the rigours of day to day life and relax.

Reconnecting and providing irreplaceable support and advice is the bread that holds a friendship together.