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Learn How Food Works

Which diet is perfect for YOU?

With all the dietary theories out there... Paleo, 5:2, The Zone, Beach Body, Mediterranean, Dukan, Vegan, etc.

How can you know what diet is right for you?

Listen to YOUR body.

Your energy, mood and digestion are keys to a sexy, healthy and calm body.

Take the “Breakfast Challenge!”

As a way of tuning into your body and learning to listen to its messages, explore eating a different breakfast every day for a week. Stay curious!

  • Step 1) Write down what you eat and how you feel right after eating it.
    How is your energy, your digestion and your mood?
  • Step 2) Two hours later sit quietly and reflect.
    Notice how your energy levels are. How is your body feeling after the food is in your body. Has your mood changed?

The idea is to try a different food each time and BE AWARE of how you feel.

Remember… Your energy, mood and digestion are keys to a sexy, healthy and calm body. I can’t say it enough.

The “Breakfast Challenge” Menu

Day 1: Eggs
Day 2: Oatmeal or any grain product
Day 3: Protein Based Smoothie (Juice Plus+ Complete Vanilla)
Day 4: Muffin and coffee
Day 5: Fresh fruit
Day 6: Boxed breakfast cereal
Day 7: Fresh vegetables

Download this exercise as Worksheet with delicious recipes.

Please note:

You don't have to do this exercise seven days in a row. You can try it on the weekends for example. Most important is to take notice of how you feel before, during and afterwards.

So… what next?

After you’ve tuned in to your body… you may be surprised to what brings you real energy and what doesn’t. You may also find out, that some foods aren’t so great for your digestion.

  • Write down those learnings and keep them.
  • Stick with the foods that work.
  • Explore other foods to continue your learning about what makes your body happy and gives you energy.

There’s a good chance you’ll start eating better, because your body will tell you what it truly needs (because now you are listening ;-)

Share with me in the comments below… what are you going to try?

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