Drink More Water

For a Healthy Lifestyle

Most people say drinking water is a challenge.
Why not make it fun?

Here are 3 ways to get the hydration you need:
Remember, if you are already thirsty, it means that you are dehydrated.

  • Water: Whether it’s plain or jazzed up with some lemon or lime, is pure magic for our body.

  • Illustration of a glass with water

    Coconut water: is a fantastic natural source of BOTH water and electrolytes, be sure to find yourself a good quality brand that includes potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium.

  • Illustration of leaves

    Herbal Tea: Explore drinking tea or other infusions as another way to up your hydration levels.

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One Simple Change

Make gorgeous flavoured water

Adding these ingredients do more than just add flavour.

Gorgeous Water Recipes:
Cucumber Lemon Hydrator, Super Food Pomegranate SparklerGinger Apple Zinger.