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Bryony Hopkins


My name is Bryony Hopkins and I am a journalist, blogger and major foodie. Seriously, I love food. I also have Crohn’s Disease, and have done so for over twenty years. Crohn’s Disease is a digestive disease which may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract. Throughout my life with Crohn’s, I have endured a wealth of toxic drugs and six major abdominal operations. Early in 2016, I came to another crossroads in my medical journey. I needed to get into remission and fast. My options were huge scale steroids (with a mass of horrible side effects), or a one month liquid diet. I took the decision to take on the liquid diet to rest my inflamed gut. The liquid diet opened my eyes to the affect my diet and lifestyle was having on my body and things have changed massively since getting back onto the solids. I have cut out gluten, dairy and massively reduced my meat consumption. The positive impacts on my body have been truly astonishing and so my blog grew to share my findings. 

Whoever you are, whatever you do -look after your mind, look after your body and it’ll look after you. I’m the living proof!

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