Thinking of becoming a brand advocate?

Earn money back on your Juice Plus+ products by signing up as a Juice Plus+ Partner for only $57.50. Once you’re part of the community, you can earn back your sign up fee with only a few shipments, plus, when you refer other people to become a customer, you can earn from their order too!

Not only will you be inspiring healthy living among your friends and family, but you can also take this opportunity to whatever level suits your lifestyle.

As a Juice Plus+ Partner, you’ll be supported with world-class weekly online training, coaching sessions, your own website, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app and Virtual Office, plus the ability to qualify for exclusive event and holiday invites.

If you’re searching for a global community of likeminded people, flexible work arrangements, growth opportunities and getting paid based on your effort and outcomes, you have finally found your new home. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Benefits of Becoming a Juice Plus+ Brand Advocate

Selling Juice Plus+ is the perfect independent way to create an impact with health and wellness and create an income with our compensation plan.

There are many advantages to becoming a Juice Plus+ Partner. Here’s a few:

Low Investment, Low Risk, Low Overhead


No need to purchase product inventory - we store, pick, and arrange shipment of the Juice Plus+ shakes, gummies, and capsules directly to your customers. 

Support, Training and Business Tools at Your Fingertips


Work from anywhere with Wi-Fi with your own website page, Virtual Office and CRM app. Plus, enjoy a library full of product images and videos to help share the benefits of taking Juice Plus+. 

Power Your Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity


Join a mission-driven community inspired by making healthy living choices, while adding to your household income with a healthy business at the same time.

3 Steps to Become a Juice Plus+® Franchise Partner

Get started growing your  Juice Plus+® Business with three simple steps.

Step 1: Training from our support team


Becoming a Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner begins with experiencing the health benefits of Juice Plus+ products firsthand and embracing added fruit and vegetable nutrition.

Step 2: Submit an application


Once you’ve embraced a healthier lifestyle through Juice Plus+, let your Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner know of your interest in becoming a Juice Plus+ Business owner. They can help you submit your application and fee.

Step 3: Follow our proven system


Growing your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is simple with the help of your Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchisee and our corporate support team. You’ll soon be inspiring healthy living throughout your community.

Find out more about Juice Plus+® Partner Support.