The Juice Plus+® Team: Build a Team and Earn Even More

Just as you’ll enjoy sharing the healthy benefits of Juice Plus+ products, you’ll find you’ll want to share your Juice Plus+ independent business experience as well.

Let your enthusiasm drive you! As you gain more knowledge as a Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchisee, pass down the skills you’ve learned to others and grow your earning potential at the same time.

The Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchise system is based on a simple process that is proven to help you build a bigger and more successful independent Juice Plus+ business.

Soon you’ll be earning not just from your efforts but from the success of your team.

Grow Your Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchise at Your Pace

With the Juice Plus+ business model, you can choose how far you want to grow your business - and how much money you want to make.
As an Independent Virtual Franchisee, the Juice Plus+ business makes a nice supplemental income. You could earn enough to make your monthly car payments with a small business of your own. Grow your business to 40 members and you could make Juice Plus+ a full-time independent career.

Take a look at the earning potential of a Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchise: