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About The Juice Plus+® Company

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The maker of Juice Plus+ is located in Collierville, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis. The Juice Plus+ Company is a privately owned company founded in 1970 by current president Jay Martin.

The Juice Plus+ Company has a nearly 40-year history of selling (through independent representatives) quality products designed to improve our quality of life. Under Martin’s leadership, The Juice Plus+ Company has evolved from a small, direct-sales company into a highly profitable, multimillion dollar company operating in more than 20 countries.

Today, The Juice Plus+ Company is not only on the leading edge of the direct sales industry but also at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. Martin shares his lifelong vision for improving people’s lives through Juice Plus+ products and the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise, a unique, customer-centered, person-to-person marketing approach.

The Juice Plus+ Story

Realizing the importance of whole food based nutrition, the Juice Plus+ Company developed and introduced Juice Plus+ in the early 1990s with the goal of providing customers more nutrition from fruits and vegetables every day. More than just a multivitamin, Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable supplements provide concentrated nutrition from 25 different fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains that help bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat. Juice Plus+ supplements even a healthy diet with added nutrients from fruits and vegetables you may not get every day.

Now that you know our story, are you ready to create a healthy story of your own? Try Juice Plus+.

Try Juice Plus+

Ready to create a healthy story of your own? Try Juice Plus+.