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Very Veggie Lunch


The two biggest challenges my clients normally have is hydration and eating their 2-5 portions of vegetables every day. This Soup and Sandwich combination helps you to do both. I am always looking for creative ways to do this and make it as easy and simple as possible to get in as much liquid and veggies into our diets.

The “Soup and Sandwich” concept originates in the 1920’s in the United States consisting of a cup of soup and a half a sandwich. It is a light meal which hydrates and feels satisfying which is important when you want to eat well. In New York City, where I am from, this is a common meal offered fresh daily at the diner or coffee shop. The soup changes every day and always with what is in season or coming off the “boat.” Think clam chowder, minestrone soup or chicken noodle soup.

All about soup!


Soup, what does it mean to you? 



Soup reminds me of comfort, nourishment and a loving gesture by my mom or dad who would often make me a soup when I didn’t feel well. Soup also reminds me of five course dinners where the soup gets us started into the meal. Soup also showed up a lot during my college days where ramen noodles ruled the world.


Soup is hydration! 

  • Drink a cup of vegetable broth and that easily counts towards your daily water intake.
  • When prepared with vegetables, you have water plus added nutrients from the vegetables. Double plus!


Soup makes veggies taste better

  • Cook up vegetable broth, minestrone with tiny pasta or chicken soup with rice – add in tiny, chopped vegetables like small carrot pieces or courgette. Some kids (and adults) won’t notice if the pieces are small and the pasta, rice or chicken pieces are bigger.
  • Puree cooked pumpkin or spinach and blend with a veggie broth or cream-based soup and you get even more vegetable content in a delicious way. If you cannot eat cream like me, you can create “cream” with a ripe avocado or coconut milk for the same texture, but for sure with a different taste. My favourite is a butternut squash curry soup cooked with red onion and vegetable broth.


Complete by Juice Plus+ Soup

  • These soups are a balanced source of fibre, protein and carbohydrates making it a super satisfying meal when prepared as directed on pack.
  • You can find these vegetable powders within the soup: carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, pea, leek, potato, celery, onion and spinach.
  • They take minutes to prepare.
  • They are warming, nourishing and delicious.


All about the Sammy (sandwich)


Sandwiches can be a positive in your diet when in the right portion size and with lots of vegetables stuffed inside! 

Choose your bread 

  • Not all bread is made equal. 
  • The crunchiness and crispiness of bread is something people enjoy. Chewing is an important part of eating as it turns on the digestive juices in the mouth and stomach. Plus, did you know, chewing relieves tension in the temples?
  • Choose something more than sliced white bread. Consider breads that are:

                - Whole grain

                - Dark grain

                - Sprouted

  • Bread alternatives to also try, especially if you are avoiding gluten

                - Crackers (made from chia seeds, quinoa, spelt…)

                - Lettuce slice

                - Wrap in collard green or lettuce 

                - Corn tortilla wrap 


About Ezekiel Bread


In this recipe, we recommend using Ezekiel bread. Of course, use whatever bread you have on hand, but here is what is special about Ezekiel bread.

  • Sprouted grains – sprouting makes grains more digestible and more nutrient dense.
  • Mix of grains – wheat, barley, millet and spelt are often used to create a blend of grains and lots of fibre.
  • Beans and lentils – they’ve added soybeans and lentils to make a truly hearty piece of bread!
  • Portion size – Typically an Ezekiel bread slice is smaller than a normal slice of bread – remember portion size make a difference.
  • No additives – no sweeteners, artificial dyes, preservatives or shortening.
  • Depending on the brand, Ezekial bread may have more protein, fibre and nutrition than traditional white breads. Check the label to be sure.
  • It’s vegan friendly.
  • Low-glycaemic

Ezekiel bread can be hard to find as it is quite special. You may find Ezekiel in the freezer section, where it will last longer. On the shelf, it will turn quickly as it has its oils and fibre intact making it more delicate than typical white bread. Processed white breads stay good on the shelf longer, because during processing, they have removed most of the nutrition and natural oils allowing it stay good longer, but with a lot less nutrition and fibre.

At home, keep your Ezekial bread in the freezer and toast on demand :) 



About the vegetable “stuffing”


I come from the old school ham and cheese sandwich world and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a glass of chocolate milk. Yummo! BUT these sandwiches are not only a calorie bomb, but they also make digestion a challenge. White bread sandwiches with meat and cheese lack fibre hence slowing digestion down quite a bit! Take notice for yourself.

So why not think of sandwiches as a delivery device for vegetables? 

In a sandwich, vegetables become portable so to speak and with the right textures of crispy, fresh and the added creaminess of blended hummus, it is an absolute win-win of deliciousness and total mouth feel satisfaction.

In our sandwich we layer hummus with peppers, onions and spinach. Other options that create a rainbow of vegetables and textures:

  • Cucumber slices, white bean hummus, oil infused with garlic, red pepper flakes.
  • Avocado, black bean hummus with sliced onions and shredded lettuce leaves.
  • Shredded carrots, thinly sliced red cabbage, tomatoes, guacamole.
  • Artichoke hearts mashed, pesto sauce, roasted red peppers, baby spinach leaves.

Whatever you choose, make it colourful and increase the variety of textures. Creamy and smooth plus crispy, crunchy and sometimes dry. Enjoy your kitchen creations!

* Complete by Juice Plus+ Soup for weight management

When you prepare a Complete Shake or Soup differently than what is listed on pack (e.g. using a different milk or adding fruits/vegetables), it is good to know that the nutrition profile will change. Therefore, the resulting recipe may not provide the benefits of a meal replacement.

Complete by Juice Plus+ Shakes, Bars and Soups are designed to be a meal replacement for weight control.

As a part of a calorie-controlled diet:

  • replacing one meal a day with Complete contributes the maintenance of weight after weight loss 
  • replacing two meals a day with Complete contributes to weight loss.

Make sure to eat a variety of other foods and drink a lot of water as well.

Enjoy Complete by Juice Plus+ as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Serves 1

1 slice of bread, toasted (we used Ezekiel bread)

2 tablespoons of hummus

Handful of fresh baby spinach

2 thin slices of red pepper 

Thinly sliced onions


1 sachet of Complete by Juice Plus+ Vegetable Soup

300ml of 1% skimmed milk


Gently heat 300ml of skimmed milk (0.1% fat) in a saucepan. Add the contents of one sachet of Vegetable Soup powder and stir well with a whisk. Let it stand for about 1 minute before eating.

Toast your bread and cut in half. Spread the hummus like mayo on the bread. Layer the peppers, onions and baby spinach as thick or as thin as you like. Eat as a half sandwich with your soup. In NYC, they call this a "Soup and Sammy!"