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Ultimate Tips For A Healthier BBQ

As soon as the weather heats up there is nothing better than inviting all your friends and family round for a BBQ in the sunshine.  The first BBQ of the year tends to always be the best, full of high hopes of what those long summer days will bring.

Barbecuing and grilling can actually be done all year round and can serve as a healthier way to cook.  Grab these ultimate tips for how to make your upcoming summer BBQ’s that little bit healthier.


Eat the rainbow

Pretty much all fruit and vegetables can be grilled – fruit kebabs are super delicious and go down well with the kids!  You can cook up a great range on the BBQ, which helps to intensify their flavours.  Go for a variety of different colours and textures and brush them lightly in a healthier oil before cooking.



Choose Lean Protein

Good quality protein like chicken, lean cuts of red meat and fish are all healthier choices to cook on the BBQ.  Oily fish like salmon is packed with omega-3 oils, which are good for your body.



Upgrade Your Sides

The sides tend to make a BBQ; they help to bring everything together.  Upgrading your sides to healthier options is a great way to make your summer BBQ more balanced.  Why not try making a homemade coleslaw that is packed full of vegetables, but a little lighter on the mayo.



Watch Your Portion Sizes and Know When You’re Full

Like at a buffet breakfast, there is the temptation at BBQ’s to just eat and eat and pile up our plates.  A case of your eyes being much bigger than you’re your belly usually occurs.  However, if you can, try to listen to your body’s cues when it tells you that you’re full to prevent over eating.



Go Easy on the Sauces

It can be very tempting to drown your meat and vegetables in heavy sauces, however these shop bought sauces tend to be full of hidden sugars and high in salt.  Have a go at making your own where you’re in control of what goes into the sauces or use slightly less of the shop bought ones to make your BBQ a little healthier.