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Awesomely Snacking from Your Cupboard


Listen… you know this already. Toss the junk food out and stock up on the good stuff to make snack time a value add nutritionally. Here are my tips as a health coach on what to snack on that’s easy to keep on hand (even at your desk at work.)


My priority on snacking is


1. Stop hunger pangs

2. Give me energy

3. Add nutrition

4. Tastes good

Note: Sugar does not boost your energy long term!


The Healthy Snack Formula


Why this formula?


  • Protein to build or protect muscle (and for kids to grow!)
  • Healthy fats for true satiety and keeping you full until the next meal
  • Good carb for a boost of energy



Healthy Fat

Good Carb

Beef/Fish Jerky


Cheese chunks



Meat or Fish


Coconut oil

Nut butters

Olive oil

Coconut pieces

Fruit (fresh or dried)

Chopped Veggies



Rye or Oat crackers


Fantastic Snack Combinations: EASY


Walnuts + Almond Butter + Dates

A well-balanced cereal bar such as Juice PLUS+ Complete

Piece of cheese + Apple Slices

Nuts + Cheese + Grapes

Ham + Pears

Yogurt + Nuts + Blueberries


Fantastic Snack Combinations: Some Assembly Required


Cottage Cheese + Chives + Carrots or Celery

Avocado + Good Bread + Salt + Squeeze of Lemon

Natural Peanut Butter + Celery

Goat cheese + Nuts + Figs + Drizzle Honey

Boiled Eggs + Sesame Pretzels + Cherry Tomatoes


Re-frame Your Brain…

Do You Really Need a Snack?


Unless you have a big break between meals or do a lot of sports you probably don’t need a snack or the added calories.

Check in with your body:

  • Am I really hungry or thirsty?
  • Am I just a bit tired?
  • Do I need a break?
  • Do I need some fresh air and change of scenery?

If you are truly hungry… think about refueling versus a sweet treat and you will be on track for an awesomely healthy body forever.

Happy Snacking!