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How to nurture relationships with your family this Valentine's Day

As we come up to Valentines Day, it’s easy to think that it’s all about romance and focusing on pouring love and affection into your partner. Yet there are so many relationships that require equal love and attention, like our family and friends.

Each special relationship we have requires nourishment and nurture. Consider each one like a seed, needing water, love, light and food to grow and blossom.

So how can we nurture each of our relationships?



There are so many dimensions to a family relationship. Let’s be honest, the beautiful and frustrating thing about family is often every family member is completely different, yet there is an unconditional love that holds everyone together.

Therefore, it is vital to learn to deal with conflicts without it impacting your long term relationship. A willingness to talk through problems, open up and be on hand to support family members when they are in need is the best way to let these relationships blossom.

If you can share a smile and a sense of humour at the same time, you are onto a winner.  Next time you’re faced with a tricky situation, try seeing it from your family member’s perspective and talk it through rationally.