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7 delicious hot drinks you need to try

Long gone are the nights of iced tea and cold lemonade, we are truly in the season of the hot drink.

Whilst a classic cup of tea is sometimes all you need, there are actually a wealth of hot drinks you can make at home that have numerous health benefits.

You might have heard of a matcha latte – or even a golden turmeric latte – but did you know you can easily make these at home and reap the rewards? 

Whilst some of these might sound quite different, we encourage you to give one a try. Who knows – you might find the best tasting coffee alternative!


Trendy Green Latte, Macro. Avocado Or Matcha Foam With Latte Art.


1. Matcha latte


Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea lives, and yes, it’s really bright green in colour!

Whilst you may think green tea is just for a tea, this bright green powder is actually delicious with steamed milk and therefore makes a delicious latte.

All you need to do is add some boiling hot water to a matcha powder, so it forms a paste. Steam or slowly heat some milk, almond or hazelnut milk works deliciously well, and pour over the paste.

Enjoy immediately!


2. Turmeric latte


We have all heard the health benefits of turmeric and it has long been hailed a ‘superfood’.

Its active ingredient, curcumin, has potent anti-inflammatory properties and a fierce antioxidant. 

Turmeric in a latte form is a delicious way to enjoy this bright yellow superfood – but the trick is to slightly sweeten it up. The easiest method is to take ground turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, honey and nut milk and combine all ingredients in a pan.

Gently heat and pour into a mug.




3. Chai latte/tea


Whilst in India and Asia, chai simply means tea; in the UK it has come to mean a delicious, wintery blend of fragrant spices with hot milk.

Most chai tea mixes contain a mix of oxidised tea leaves, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. A homemade version is a little more complicated but so delicious.

Pop two tea bags along with some fresh ginger in a teapot. Alongside, toast star anise, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom pods on the heat and then add to the teapot.

Lightly heat some milk and then add the teapot mixture to the milk.



4. Fresh mint tea


This is a Moroccan favourite and for good reason – it literally takes about two seconds!

Simply add some fresh mint leaves, stalks and all, to boiling hot water and let the water absorb the flavour.


Dark Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream And Salted Caramel Sauce On A Wood Background


5. Spiced hot chocolate


Hot chocolate is a crowd pleaser, but have you ever thought about using dark chocolate and a little spice instead of your trusted milk powder?

Dark chocolate has high antioxidant content and brings a real zing to a hot chocolate. Chop up some dark chocolate (try to go for one over 60%) and add to a saucepan, along with cinnamon and a milk of your choice.

Slowly let it all melt together and enjoy a simple, quick, rich hot chocolate.


6. Beetroot latte


A beetroot latte I hear you cry?

Yes – this really does exist and yes, it is bright pink!

For the beetroot powder, combine beetroot powder with coconut sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Add hot water to the beetroot powder and let it form a paste. Then add some warmed milk and enjoy the pink swirl!


Healthy Trendy Beetroot Latte With Latte Art In Ceramic Cup On Wooden Table. Top View.


7. Chicory coffee


Chicory is a plant with quite a woody and earthy taste and therefore has been used as a popular caffeine free replacement for coffee.

Best to find this in a health store and add boiling water, as you would a normal coffee.

It’s an acquired taste – but shown to be a great source of fibre and therefore attributed to promoting good gut health.